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Re: Added another Fox to the fleet - 1985 Marquis LTS

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Well, I decided to go with a set of adjustable MM RLCAs for this, instead of boxing a set of stock ones. Of course they wound up on backorder (even though they showed in-stock when I placed the order...).

While I'm waiting on those, I took care of a couple more little projects.

First up was an e-fan installation.

I had a couple spare Volvo 850 fans/shrouds/relays, so I decided to pursue that option,

It took only minor tpuppies of the shroud and mounting the fan on the inside of it to make it all fit.

The Volvo relay has inputs for triggering the LO and HI speed modes on the fan.

Since I had already relocated the temp gauge sender into this 2-port manifold, I installed the Hi-speed temp switch there as well.

Now, the LO-speed trigger was perfect for---triggering the fan for when the AC is turned on.

Yup. AC.

I replaced the condenser and all the hoses and flushed out the evap core and compressor for the conversion to R134a.

Pulled a vacuum on the system (Just to verify that the evap core was indeed still good).

A short while later, we now have working AC and an e-fan in the car.

On the other front, I now have this in my possession.

A 2011 3.7 V6 with the 6R80 6-speed auto trans.

Right now I'm just researching all of the other details needed to make the swap work. Fortunately, the engine/trams harness are very modular and 98% complete, with the PCM. I think other that having the PATS disabled in the ECU, only a couple other configuration changes will need to be made. I'm planning no "mods", save for whatever the exhaust looks in the end, and maybe the large-bore TB upgrade.

The biggest decision up front will be to spend the money on an AJE K-member for it to be almost drop in, or stick with a stock K-member and make some mounts, etc. I haven't gotten that far yet. The AJE would have provisions for a stock spring set-up, so no need for anything fancy.

There are a few other systems and details that would need to be addressed, but I'm formulating a plan for those.

I'm hoping to have all of the stuff together to start this swap sometime next year.
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