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Aftermarket Air Cleaner

What's up forum? I recently acquired an 87 LS Cougar and have been nursing her back to life. I have had a rough time finding repair literature and some parts. I went looking for a replacement air cleaner to get rid of all this conglomerate of electronic  and can't find one. Any suggestions ? I've looked at Summit, Jegs, etc. But nobody wants to build a 6 cylinder,  my brother and I built a Grand National that was NASTY so looking to play with this one. Thanks in advance for any and all suggestions.

Re: Aftermarket Air Cleaner

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Not many people want to play with the Ford V6, unless it's the ecoboom.

There's some old info about making a stroker using a crank from a 4.2 truck V6, but that's all I can remember. might have some V6 hop-up info, possibly..
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Re: Aftermarket Air Cleaner

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The companies I know about.
No one cares to mod them because the same exact cars they usually came in had better engine options. If you want to turbo it and go crazy that would be neat to see. The supercoupes used the same engine platform and people make those things fast all the time
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