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Bigger is better

So with 4 kids growing like proverbial weeds, plus one more that joins the pack along with his mom, we needed more room.

SSo this is what we decided. It's a 2011 Expy EL, XLT trimmed.
At first it was a bit much but once you get used to it it's just right (that's what SHE said).
I've already done a few little changes to it, some LED lighting within and without, rear wiper conversion, smoked LED 3rd brakelight, Magnaflow cat back etc etc.

Thing pulls like a train from about 55 on surprisingly, for a fat girl. Has the 5.4 3v in it...IIRC, the HP is a bit over 300 and something like 360 foot pounds of twist...may be wrong but I can tell you it feels like a diesel when you step on it.
I don't have more planned for it, other than a small lift and some 33s on F150 wheels, some tint for the front door glass, and a serious upgrade to the infotainment area.

The day we first saw this we also drove an Explorer Sport...the one with the ecoboom. I was interested in it till I drove it. Thing was a rat, needed brakes, suspension, tires, and did NOT feel like a TT engine.
Oh well, need more room anyway. This Expy ought to pull a 20' camper easily. Probably won't get it into the mountains, but it ought to handle a trip to the grand canyon next spring.

'84 Mustang
'98 Explorer 5.0
'03 Focus, dropped a valve seat. yay. freakin' split port engines...
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