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F150/Expedition Seat Swap

Undertook a little project this past weekend.  The story begins back in Dec 2010 when I totaled my beloved '98 F150 Lariat truck.  Only had liability insurance, so I robbed every part off of it I thought was worth a dime, then sped the rest.  Took the leather Captain's Chairs out of it, thinking they'd sell in no time.  Forward to present time, still had the seats in the shed, never sold.  Recently bought an '01 Expedition Eddie Bauer from brother-in-law.  Power driver's seat motor had stripped-out gears, so seat was stuck in full backward position.  OK for me at 6'1", but wife couldn't reach pedals.  Yanked Expedition seat out, and dug out F150 seat from back of shed.  Took the frame/motor assembly off the F150 seat (this motor hasn't moved in over 8 years) and swapped to the Expy seat.  Wire harnesses were not the same.  Expy has the memory seat option, so there's a whole module under that seat that the F150 didn't have.  So I finally figured out how to connect the Expy harness into the F150 frame, and re-installed seat.  Plugged everything in, and started pushing buttons.  At first, I could hear motor trying to turn, but no front/rear motion.  Gave everything a good soaking with WD40, and slowly it started freeing up.  Still doesn't move super smoothly or quickly, but at least now I have front/rear motion, and the memory function is working.  I felt pretty proud.  But now wife is able to drive it!  Maybe I made a mistake.....

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Are you allowed to drive the Expedition yet?  LOL
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