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Freebie WIN

So, our parts manager was cleaning out the s bin, and brought me a bucket of '13 Police Interceptor lighting components that were bought and returned functional, but not returnable.  Once they sit for a year they get tossed.  He brings these out to me and I have a look through and say "sure, I'll take them".  What they are, is 6 red/blue 25-pattern wig-wags with sync-up wiring and joined pattern shift (which I don't really have any use for), and 2 LED turn/park lamp inserts with a high power white for strobe control (requires a strobe controller, so comes on solid without).  These are what I really want.  $450 each on ebay, free for me today.  The socket locks are just off of a standard 3157/1157 twist, so I adjusted the one that was off about 1/8 inch.  The result:

Bright amber for turn signal, over-rides white if white is on.

Dim amber for park lamps, over-ridden by white if white is on

Bright-ass white, about 5600k (a guess) I may connect to come on with high beams.

Something to think about:  The wig-wags have the same socket locks as the switchback turn signals.

Freebie WIN

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I like freebies!!! The white looks really good
...and there was light!

Freebie WIN

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hmm cool
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Freebie WIN

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Got it all in and wired.  Our Canadian members are probably more interested in LED DRLs, but thanks for looking anyway.

Headlamps on, LEDs in inner lamps.

Hazards on, inners now wired to also function as turn signals (this was a hard shot to get, since the leds light a split second before the standard lights giving the impression of a sweep).

Ignition on, headlamps OFF.

And last, DRL on at the same time as a turn signal (another hard shot to time right).

Freebie WIN

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Are you guys required to have DRL on vehicles that didnt orginally have them?

That inner lamp white LED is intriguing, but I dont know what I would do with it.

 cool, nonetheless.

Freebie WIN

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The white light would be awesome for night driving...

even good 87-88 lights work about as good as a new flashlight with dead batteries. when i delivery, my. side illnination lights were brighter infront.of the car then the headlights.
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Freebie WIN

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Put a relay harness to my lights, and they work pretty  good.  New Silvania bulbs.

Freebie WIN

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Wonder what it would look like with a clear lense?
...and there was light!

Freebie WIN

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Ok, pics.  Keep in mind that out of the bag it had a 4 pin connector with 2 wires (the one I kept) and a 3 pin connector with all 3 filled.  There was a ground wire spliced to each, so I condensed it all down to the single 4 pin as you see it in the pics.