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Ecoboost Stang coming soon!

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If the 4-cyl is anything like the 6-cyl ecoboost (which produces more torque across a flatter curve than the 5.0 in trucks) torque will not be an issue. With twin-scroll turbos, direct fuel injection and modern engine management most small turbomotors make loads of torque. Even BMW is equipping the 3-series with a turbo 4 that makes slightly less horsepower but more torque than the 6. And the torque curves on modern turbo 4's are flat as a table from 1500 RPM to redline.

That being said I doubt the ecoboost 4 would only make 247 in the Mustang. I'd expect it to at least match the 3.7, and probably exceed it. At any rate it'll at least match the 274 horses coming for the 2013 Genesis 2.0t. Still, I'd rather see a turbo 3.7 belting out ~400 horsepower...
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Ecoboost Stang coming soon!

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Hell, even if it makes 247hp stock (which seems low), it won't for long. Flashing a map takes all of 5mins with opensource software these days. Now if it has a low ceiling... then I'll be disappointed.
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Ecoboost Stang coming soon!

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Quote from: Haystack;377794
For some reason kids are inlove with turbo 4's.

i assume is the power to mpg ratio they've been known for all these years.. i know a few import nerds who only got into their rice boxes because they could make gobs of power and still see 25+mpg on a daily basis.. all of the tuner guys i know, would rather be driving something with a full heart-ed small/big block under the hood, but they can't afford the gas because of only working part time while they're still in school or whatever.. i turned a couple of them on to the turbo coupe's mpg and power capabilities and 1 of them is currently trying to sell/trade his sh*tbox boosted 91 integra for 1 lol < < Still Under Construction

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Ecoboost Stang coming soon!

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8 know a kid with about 60k into a subaru. Thinks the car is the shiznit, passes emissions, really fast, has a cosworth block ext.

He gets 6 miles to the gallon. He is convinced its because he put in the 3" exhaust, so now he is going to swap it out for 2.5" cat back because he doesn't think he makes back pressure.

It dyno's 397whp on a 4 wheel dyno on the lowest tune and over 600 in it highest tune.

Its a cool car, but in my opinion, the way it sits, its useless. This I assume is all in the tune.

I was getting 30mpg with my thunderbird. I used to get even better out of other 5.0 cars I had. Guy at my work was driving a turbo'd eclipse and got right around 20mpg. You can throw all the money you want into your car and not be able to drive it. The trick is getting one car that you can drive, get good gas mileage, and have it reliable.
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I honestly dont think you could exceed the cost of a new car buy installing new *stock* parts everywhere in your coug our tbird. Its just plain impossible. You could revamp the entire drivetrain/engine/suspenstion and still come out ahead.
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Ecoboost Stang coming soon!

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Quote from: xjeffs;377785
I don't really see the point.  247hp for a 3600 lbs car, undoubtedly with small low end torque sounds like a poor performer and a waste of effort to me.  300 hp and 30mpg sounds like a tough combo to beat.  The 247hp would have to be around 38mpg and $5k less to draw away from the current base model, and I don't see that happening.

Edit- in retrospect, this has to be a replacement for the 3.7L with a ~300+hp Ecoboost four cylinder with 35mpg and about 100lbs less curb weight. No way they are keeping both. They will soon learn that with the Explorer.

I suspect it will have a rather broad torque range as compared to a normally aspirated engine of comparable peak power. 
Example:  The Ecoboost V6 in the new F-150 as compared to the larger V8's in the same chassis.
Harken back to the 2005 S197 and the V6 which displaced twice as much volume.  Don't forget that this new mill has direct injection as well.  More power than our beloved turbo coupes with comparable weight and more gears.....It's no Laguna Seca, but will be more than adequate for the average person.

The original Dart was never meant to be a performance car, and probably 90% of them left the plant with slant 6's and 318's

The old man had a '76 with a slant 6.  That motor would not die.  He sold it and shortly thereafter it caught fire due to an electrical issue that had popped up.
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Ecoboost Stang coming soon!

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i wonder why the slant 6 motors do live so long....... ?


Ecoboost Stang coming soon!

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he doesn't think he makes back pressure.

Oh God.....Those of you who've been around for a bit know my stance on this.....
Backpressure = BAD
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