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New section

Welcome to the new subsection of the Lounge. This is the place to post any automotive news scoops or discussions about oil/gas prices and what to do about 'em.

  • Any and all automotive news subjects, good news or bad news (or just plain gloating:evilgrin:) are welcome, not just Ford stuff. Please don't take it as an invitation for flame wars.
  • NO religion or political discussions, please, as those are two subjects guaranteed to cause a bloodbath. If you see a news article that might pertain to this forum but also has a political slant feel free to post it, but keep discussion civil or the topic will be locked and/or deleted.
  • Please post all fuel economy-related discussions here. We're all thinking about fuel prices right now, but we don't need a million "how do I get better mileage" or "What's your fuel economy" threads in the lounge.
That's about it. Rules subject to change on a whim. Enjoy.
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New section

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Wow i must be blind :punchballs:

I was looking for this "new section" then i see a new module when i click on the lounge.

New section

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Ah, so you got just as tired of seeing "What's your mileage" threads as I did.  Finally a place to really bitch about gas prices and how responsible the republicans are - I could really use the federal fuel tax discount.

(Please take this as joke, people - just chill...)
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New section

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Quote from: Thunder Chicken;227398

NO political discussions

Riiiight, because politics has nothing to do with energy sources or automotive news.