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User Rides / Re: 88 T-Bird Sport
I have some similar burn out pics... started out as a dare, the car wasent even street legal. that is when I fell in love with it. I cant get the pictures formatted small enough to fit.
General Computer Forum / How fast is your computer?
I am curious as to what types, speeds, and specs that everyone here has. I just think it would be cool to see how we all sit.
I have over 10 computers so i am just going to list this one.
266mhz p2 96megs of ram 8gig hard drive dvd player, surround sound(5.1), and a 1000(supposedally)watt sound system with sub. it is more along the lines of 100 to 150 watts.dsl internet(sucks) at 256k download. multipul network hups, most of my computers are older, but they work.  also this is the second computer that i have built for my self. i keep it in good working order.
Lounge / Can someone edit some pictures for me?
i cant get some of my burn out pictures to become smaller. i have tried resizing them and then saving them as something else
but it isnt working. any help is appreciated