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User Rides / Did some tinkering on the Sport...
Quote from: Watchdevil;319919
I want halo headrests... With the direction I am planning to go with black seats with white inserts I think I need to find a pair of sport buckets. And  to think there was a Fox Cougar in Pull-A-Part a few months ago that had a very salvagable set of sport bucket seats! Why did I not think to get them then? I guess because my initial plan was to use the original upholstry, but now I wanna make this car a much grander specticle than I had ever planned.

I've got a set of gray halo headrests out of an Escort GT.  PM if you're interested.
Electrical Tech / successful EATC-to-manual conversion
I guess my only question is what do the swap?  Not trying to be rude, just was curious for your motivation.  Also, I assume going the other way (from manual HVAC to electronic) is entirely not as easy?  Did you just leave all the special sensors in the ducting?  Unless you're telling me you swapped out the entire big ol black housing, I was under the assumption that the electronic HVAC and the manual HVAC had two completely different housings for the heater/AC ductwork, making it a swap that required pulling the dash to upgrade from base to electronic.  Thoughts?
Electrical Tech / HELP! Fuel pump primes when headlights are turned on...
Quote from: Loaded87IROC;319711
Problem solved. 
...I plugged the connector in to its matching connector from the ground that I bolted to the firewall that is usually bolted to the dash.  Everything is back to working fine again.

YAHTZEE!  I knew I experienced that same queer scenario you were describing! Glad it you found it!
T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars WANTED / Power Steering coupling
Quote from: Uncleford;319649
Hey, I have an 85 Turbo Coupe. I am taking out my Flaming River manual rack and am putting the power steering back on. Well, I am missing the part that goes between the steering shaft and slides over the splines on the power steering rack. Frustrating to have all but one part. Anyone have one laying around? Thanks..

Wouldn't be looking to sell the manual setup, are you?
Electrical Tech / keyless entery
You'll definitely need to do some soldering when added keyless entry keypad (at least our old OEM style).  The connector the the keypad is not in the door, and the main harness that travels to the keyless module in the trunk taps into the main body harness at a few point along the way.  Overall, it's definitely swappable, in fact, I'll be doing one on my car as well, but it will require you to remove the front and rear seats, carpet, driver's door panel, and the driver's kick panel to install.
Lounge / camera whoa's

Sorry....couldn't resist.
Woe= regret, heartbreak, despair, is me
Whoa= exclamation of excitement, for slowing horses, taglines for Joey Lawrence

Electrical Tech / Digital speedo 199mph mod.
Quote from: vinnietbird;313716
I've done it 3 times.Wicked easy.I wish I had digi gauges now and not these friggin' buttstuffog gauges.If i did,I'd do the mod again and call it a day.Use small solder,and a sharp tip on the soldering iron.The dots to solder on are tiny.

Oh what, you no like the 140 mph mod? :flip::hick:
Electrical Tech / Delete A/C. TAD/TAB solinoids
Quote from: 86caprirs;319443

Also I am running no emmissions system on my car and I have no cats. So can I remove the TAB TAD solinoids? Also ther is a third solinoid in the same area  of the passenger strut tower. What is that for?

Thanks guys

Third unit is for EGR.

TAB/TADs need to stay there, or be replaced by resistors.  Feel free to remove the Vac lines though.  The EGR is always controversial.  I leave it up to you.  If you want it gone, it's just another resistor and a block of plate.  Check out this site for the parts:
Electrical Tech / Delete A/C. TAD/TAB solinoids
A/C vac line?  Doesn't that run the HVAC controls?  If you still want a selectable defrost, vent, and floor heater, it's best to leave the vac line connected.
Electrical Tech / HELP! Fuel pump primes when headlights are turned on...
You know, I observed some very strange behavior once on my 87 TC.  I had just removed all the carpeting, and after I was finished, I attempted to drive the car.  When I turned the car on, the headlights came on, I think the door chime sounded, and I believe the right turn signal indicator on the gauge cluster was permanently lit.  I believe there were other wacky things, I just can't remember them now.  Anyhow, I traced it back to a ground, located at the bottom back passenger side corner of the center portion of the dash (radio, AC), that I forgot to reconnect.
Engine Tech / header prefarance and why
Quote from: 86mk7;319631
i like my ford racing stainless shorties. great fitmit on my mark 7

See, and I'm just the opposite.  The FRPP stainless shorties for P heads fit like utter .  I had to bash the lowest hanging tube almost 1/2 way in just to clear the top of our terribly designed motor mounts.  I was talking with Chuck about this issue, and he says his mounts may give a little bit more clearance in that area.  However my application dealt with a V6 K member, perhaps a TC or V8 K member is different. I doubt it, but who knows?  I just recently found out that the K members between a 4 cylinder mustang and a 5.0 Mustang are different.
User Rides / My 1988 Thunderbird
Quote from: 86mk7;319628
I'm surprised I've never seen this bird around. Didn't think there were many birds left in town let alone a swapped 5.0 V6 base model with Turbocoupe parts.

fixed. ;)

EDIT:  You see that Bill Blass Mark VII on craigslist?  Not a fan of 84, but that looks like one clean ride: