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Lounge / Re: Idaho Dirt Bike Trip
Hi Mike. Looks like you had a great time and saw some awesome sites.
Have you been to Yellowstone before? It has some pretty awesome things to see.
How long were you gone?
We got to Florida (Ocala) yesterday for 8 days before arriving in Punta Gorda for the next 5 months.
Glad you got to check something off your bucket list.
Engine Swapping / Re: Godzilla powered 88 T/C
Hi Mike. It is warmer here in Florida than you in CT but we had a few nights last week down into the 30’s…coldest temps in over 40 years. I’ll still take it over New England winters.
At least we don’t get snow this far south.
Hope all is well with you and your family.
Happy New Year!
General Fox T-Bird/Cougar Discussion / Re: Interesting read
Hi Mikey, how are things in the nutmeg state? Carol and I are leaving Florida this Friday, (4/1) and starting our journey across a good part of the country. We will be passing through roughly 22 states in the next six months before returning to Florida for the fall/ winter. Looking forward to the journey, just not my diesel bill! Currently $5.19 here in Fl. We will be putting about 10,000 miles on pulling the fifth wheel and a bunch more sightseeing without the rig. Maybe I’ll post some pictures here showing some of the sights we see, Yellowstone, Mt Rushmore, Moab, Hoover Dam Grand Canyon, Vegas, etc.
Glad to see Turbo Coupes getting some recognition at last. Not a Hellcat or GT 500 but great cars in their time.
Keep the Blue Ovals running!
Suspension/Steering / Re: RLCA.
Hi Mike, car looks great, I miss mine. Did you get a lot of snow last Saturday? We’re getting a lot of sunshine here in Florida!
ISTLCRUZ, I had non adjustable Maximum Motorsports lowers on my 88 and boxed the uppers myself and replaced the bushings. I was also fortunate to score some Koni NOS lowering springs back in ‘01. I don’t think you would go wrong with the CHE ones.
Lounge / Re: RIP Lou Ottens !
I’m 66 now and soon going to sell my house, Wife and I are going to RV around the country full time. I have over 400 high quality made 90 minute cassettes (Maxell gold)) of 60’s on up rock artists that I don’t know what to do with. I don’t want to toss them. Anyone interested in making me an offer? I can provide a list of artists, album titles.
Rock on!
Engine Tech / Re: Oil pan issues with windage tray
I pulled/ installed my 5.0 more than once into my 88 T/C with just the clutch/ flywheel installed. Added bell housing /clutch fork (cable style) using long extensions with swivel at socket end. Made a cradle out of wood, attached to floor jack that matched T-5 and hoisted tranny into place, all on my back, car on jack stands, bit of bitch, but very do-able. Strapped tranny to wood block adapter. I am 66 and did this in my 50’s. Be inventive and you can accomplish anything you put your mind to😳!!!