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Lounge / Blank Boards
Eric, The only boards I get are three sub-boards. All the rest are blank.
Lounge / Reuse steeringwheel bolt?
Going to replace the cruise control switches on my 2001 GM steering wheel.
The shop manual says to remove and  discard the steering wheel bolt.
How important is this?
Lounge / Trying to force check engine light
Trying to force a check engine light on my 01 Grand Marquis by leaving the gas cap off. I drove 15 miles stopping an restarting 3 times, no light. I want to force it to store "freeze data" so I can see what the PCM thinks the engine temp is.
Anybody know what a drive cycle is and how many do I need?
Lounge / No more Ford smalll sedans
Say good bye to Fusion, Focus, C-Max, Taurus and Fiesta.
The only cars will be Mustang and a Focus Active imported from China.
Lounge / Clever cup holder
I thought this is pretty neat how they got this cup holder into such a small space.
It's in a 2005 Subaru Baja.
Site Suggestions / test attachments
I always rotate scanned EVTM docs so they read left to right.
The docs that I scanned when at windows 7 still attach as rotated.
The doc that I scan at windows 10, unrotate when I attach them. The docs are rotated in the doc file thumbnails and open rotated.
My problem is windows 10 doesn't have the "windows photo viewer" that windows 7 used. Win 10 uses an app called Photos.
My laptop windows 8.1 defaults to the Photos app but has the Windows Photo Viewer on the "open with" menu.

JPG format docs rotated with the Photos app, unrotate when posted with the forum attachments feature.

Ok, with windows 10, right click/ properties/open with/Windows Photo Viewer/apply,  to rotate freshly scanned JPG doc.
Lounge / 2008 Focus no spare
My Grandson's new (to him) 2008 Focus has no jack, lug wrench or spare tire.
It has an "emergency mobility kit" which is a cigarette lighter powered air pump and some leak sealant.
It also has tire pressure sensors that can be destroyed by using leak sealers???
Sounds like lousy arrangement to me.