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Huge thanks to Muttwood

Just want to acknowledge Randy(Muttwood on the forum). He set me up with some VERY nice door panels. He went above and beyond to get them to me and they were in MUCH nicer shape than he had even described. He kept me up to date through the shipping process and they were packed well enough to make the trip w/o damage. He is a straight up top notch guy. Wouldn’t hesitate to get parts from him again if needed.
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Huge thanks to Muttwood

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I think the ghost of the little old lady who owned this car, came home with me.

Too bad the car sat for years in tall grass.

Most of this interior is too good to s but not much demand for blue.

Thanks for the kind words, I would love to see a pic when they are installed.

Just a note to all,

If you ever are in need of a large quality shipping box, try your favorite Ford Parts Counter.
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