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May 20th = A Success!!

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Quote from: 5.0willgo
Karl, I may have my dad run backup in his truck just incase I have problems with my car (or anyone else for that matter). If you get anything big, we could probably just put it in the bed and I can store it for you until you can come up and get it. Just a suggestion.

That sounds like a good idea.
"lol.. because not too many people care for that style of car"
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May 20th = A Success!!

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Id love to make the trip up...just my car is in alot of pieces, like steering wheel is in the backseat and front seat is in the house kind of pieces lol.

May 20th = A Success!!

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Well, scratch me out for this weekend.  I have to work the 8a-8p shift for one of my co-workers.  Seems like it's going to rain anyway.  For all who do make it, HAVE FUN!!!

May 20th = A Success!!

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Quote from: SirTriv
  Seems like it's going to rain anyway.

Shhhh! Don't say that!! There's plenty of time for the forcast to change and I sure hope it does.

May 20th = A Success!!

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I don't believe it!  I will actually be in the area, finally, and still can't come!!  I will be driving right past you guys on the way down to College Park, probably just as you are all sitiing down to breakfast, and I won't have any time to even stop and introduce myself.

Just once I would like to catch a break and be able to meet up with someone, somewhere, at some point!! 

Oh well, back to lurking, I'm afraid.


May 20th = A Success!!

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Quote from: 5.0willgo
I don't know I just ran by there a couple days ago and it looks like he should easily be able to accomodate 20 cars. I don't think we have that many attending do we? Man I hope it doesn't rain. If that's the case we might have to forgo the junkyard and probably even the car show. :(

Keep in mind other customers may be there too.  I'd guess we have about 10 or so attending.  Talked to an F-body friend of mine tonight, he may go too.

It won't rain.  But if it does, I'm still going to Mars!  ;)

May 20th = A Success!!

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Well, what began early as rainy ended up as a wonderful clear sunny day. And I have the sunburn to prove it along with others that attended.

We had a total of 11 Fords 1 Acura and 1 Ram

In attendence representing our board were myself and
Cougars2go, Karl and Debbie in the Integra
Mercoug302, William in his '96 LSC
Motormenace, Ben in his '86 TC

The Lincoln guys really came out making up the majority of the cars there.

One Way, Rick - '90 LSC
OldSchool1, John - '84 Mark VII
Chip89LSC, Chip - '88 LSC
marked, John - '90 LSC
HixHonor, Jack - '85 Mark VII Bill Blass
Radie842, Mike - '00 Town Car
Gadget73, Thain - '86 Town Car

Then there was Chris in a 2003 Lincoln LS, who is not associated with any of the message boards. He was in the area because his wife was at a convention at the hotel next door to our meeting place. He saw all of our cars and introduced himself and even brought his car over to join the crowd.

The Ram was my dad since he ran support and parts hauler duties.

We met around 9 at The Cookery and cars just kept flowing in. After Breakfast, we headed over to the yard where it seemed everybody found what they were looking for. Unfortunately Karl had a bad experience with the owner of the yard who thought his stuff was worth a lot more than what it should. Karl, I don't think you were the only one of us who he tried to overcharge. I'm sorry it didn't work out for you. Unfortunately, most of his inventory is slowly being eliminated. He had a total of 4 fox thunderbirds, all of which were '87-'88 TC's and 2 fox Cougars. One 4-eye Turbo XR-7 and one '87-'88 LS. This was a dissapointment and a far cry from what he had last time I was there. He managed to keep all of his Lincolns though as well as dozens of fox Mustangs.

I did find that the yard had some cars you usually don't find. I saw 5 '55-57 Bel Airs, 3 complete Corvairs, about 5 Jaguar Xjs' and a couple Porsche 924's. All of these cars with the exeption of the Bel Airs could easily have been fixed. One of the Jags looked like it would start right up and drive out. All that was wrong with it was a broken gear selector. The most heartbreaking for me was a 1969 Cutlass 442 that had been totaled and still held it's original motor and all the badging.

Once we left the yard we headed back to The Cookery and some parted ways while Rick, Thain and myself headed up to the car show at the Fox Run Shopping Center. The show had a pretty good turn out of around 100 cars considering the Ocean City show and Kahunaville show were going on at the same time. There I met a guy who had a '93 Cougar XR-7 5.0 Supercharged. His car was super clean and he said he was thinking about joining Cool Cats. We'll see what happens there.

I have more pictures that I'll put up later but here's a couple links and two of my pics.

Thanks to everyone who attended!
I would also like to extend an additional thanks to The Lincoln Mark VII club for supplying refreshments and to Rick, One Way for aiding in the organization of this event.

The day in pictures

Breakfast meet

Junkyard run

May 20th = A Success!!

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Looks like a good time....
I went my junkyard over the weekend and I asked if I could buy those "plugs" that go over the screws on the door handle and for a seatbelt cover thingy since mine for some reason is brown? hmm..

they told me 100 for both things. I laughed and told them to stick it up their .....

Looks like you guys had a blast. Thanks for the pics :)

May 20th = A Success!!

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Shoot, I didn't know you guys were so close.  I'm only about an hour away from you guys.  I'm outside of Philly, PA.  I'd definitely like to show up to the next 1, but I didn't know there was an event taking place!

May 20th = A Success!!

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Thank you, everyone, for coming out to another great Breakfast Meet and Junk Yard Run and Cruise!

It wasa trifecta day with THREE events planned and attended. Rick, Fred, and Thain are long haulers and true powerhouse enthusiasts. The last trifecta I attended was over the course of two days, held in three states. It took me four days to recooperate :)

For further information on events, check out:

See you next time!

"All of this is assuming that everything else in the system is stock and well maintained."
- © The Lincoln Mark VII Club All rights reserved.

May 20th = A Success!!

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im pissed lol, i wanted to go realy bad but something personal came up and i couldnt make it... o well, next time

May 20th = A Success!!

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Quote from: Nate
im pissed lol, i wanted to go realy bad but something personal came up and i couldnt make it... o well, next time

Not everyone can make it to every event. There is at least one event per month, year 'roud. Keep your eyes on the schedules and plan to make one.
"All of this is assuming that everything else in the system is stock and well maintained."
- © The Lincoln Mark VII Club All rights reserved.

May 20th = A Success!!

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Sorry you couldn't make it Nate.

Here are some more pics

'93 Cougar from Delaware

Original unrestored. Even the paint and striping is original.:tg:

Couple from the yard

The Cutlass

Some Bel Airs

2 of the TCs/  Guess what, the Gold one ran and it's entire service history was either etched, written or on a label somewhere in the engine compartment. Notice too that neither of these cars have any body damage nor rust. Just a couple door dings.

May 20th = A Success!!

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Cool pics Fred!

You went around to where George keeps the old stuff. ;)