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All Ford South Classic - spoogeming, GA

March 31 - April 2

Is anyone planning on going to this or even heard of it before?

I'm planning on going but I've never been - In fact it will be my first Ford car show. 

I really just want a juicy swap meet and by the looks of the website, I'll be pretty big. 

Its on the spoogeming Fairgrounds, North Metro ATL area. 

Feedback or input?

All Ford South Classic - spoogeming, GA

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Well, even though no one showed any interest, I'll give a quick review and a few pictures.  Its a three day show, but I spent about 7 hours there today so I probably wont feel the need to go back Sat & Sun.

The show was INCREDIBLE.  It was nothing like I expected, as there were virtually no late model cars, not even late 70's anything.  I was expecting plenty of fox cars, SN95's, trucks, and then the usual rods & muscle cars.  Turns out, it was mostly rare, vintage & nostalgic 60's race stuff and meticulously restored, highly optioned muscle cars.  One of the first engine bays I looked into was a 427 SOHC, and I about shiznit myself.  Then I saw at least 5 more, and they just became old news. 

Then I saw a white Fairlane that looked familiar - looked to the owner sitting next to it - turns out its Lee Holman himself.  I profusely complimented the car and we talked some Holman-Moody shop (there was a bad-ass HM 300 I6 intake in the swap meet that I just had to hear about). 

The swap meet was dissapointing, mostly because it was vintage stuff for valuable cars as opposed to the disposable, 80's  that tends to turn me on.  I guess the swap section was impressive in how much wild, vintage stuff it had (I saw more crazy FE intakes than I've ever even seen in pictures) but I just didnt make out very well, so I was dissapointed. 

Still, I mananged to walk away with a decent Motorcraft 4bbl carb for virtually nothing.  A few of my other friends scored a vintage MSD CDI for $10, a 460 motor plate for $10 (out of a pro stock Probe), set of FE headers for $75, and a few other little accessories.  One guy had a set of brand new V8 Ranger swap hedders that he demanded $200 for even though we called Jegs and proved that they sold new for $135 - that was a real drag

Now, for a few pictures:
This has to be the cleanest, nicest Fox Tbird I've ever seen - only 274 original miles.  Sure the wheels are terribly cheesy with pitting and rust, but the car glistened like only a factory fresh car could.  It also had a window sticker that showed a 5.0 HO as part of an options package (Bill Elliot Edition)

All Ford South Classic - spoogeming, GA

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Three different Cammer 427's

All Ford South Classic - spoogeming, GA

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Pic 1: Falcon with an engine taller than the car.

Pic 2: Guess who's Fairlane that is for sale

Pic 3: Blown Lightning 5.4 in a F-1

All Ford South Classic - spoogeming, GA

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Some random ones

All Ford South Classic - spoogeming, GA

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Incredible F-1 with a Blown 4.6 Cobra Engine, 6 speed, and IRS

All Ford South Classic - spoogeming, GA

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Here are two cars that really turn me on:

Boss 302 (mmmm.......)

and a Maverick Grabber - the attention to detail on this restoration blew my mind.  It might be the best restoration I've ever seen.

All Ford South Classic - spoogeming, GA

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And lastly, for now:

Alchohol Injected

A super detailed Pantera with Electromotive DIS (there was a harry-er one with twin turbos and nitrous that I didnt get a picture of)

And of course, a Fairmont.

All Ford South Classic - spoogeming, GA

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i wish i had knew about this ahead of time, I would had been there.

fun ford weekend is next weekend at commerce
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All Ford South Classic - spoogeming, GA

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Hell yeah buddy - I'll be there.  Im really expecting FFW to be better than this Classic - less "big money" and more owner-built & raced cars.