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2006 Spring Fever Meet

That is right, we have spoken with Gagan who runs Comfort Inn North. will link you to the event location. The cost per room per night was $110.99 (some were as low as $79.99). We have struck a deal for the event at the rate of $54.99 with him per night plus tax. The rooms are very nice, newer AC units and everything. They finished the remodel of the first floor late 2005 so it was really clean from what Nick ( VP) and I saw.

We are running the event Friday April 21st having a car show on Saturday the 22nd, hanging out Sunday the 23rd and you have the option of leaving that day or staying the night and heading back Monday. We recommend you buddy up to get a $100 hotel room for two nights at about $55 which is a great deal.

Our team is going to ask for a $10 donation to reserve the price at the hotel. This will allow us to buy 100 car plaque's and many trophies for the event. This will be a judged event by staff, members, vendors, and viewing pedestrians. We should have a good time with a night that has bowling involved.

We are working on a beer garden, a DJ, food truck, live events, 50/50 raffle, Some event prizes to give away, night time bon-fire and many other things are in the works. You can bring friends and family if you would like. Remember to register for the trophies and car show you will be required to stay the night at the hotel. I think it will be a blast. If we can rent out the biggest majority of the place then they will leave everything open for us around the clock. The pool, the meeting rooms and so forth the Hotel will be ours if it comes to that! Be sure to post this up on any other site you are on as we want for this to be big. We are going to try and keep it American though. Please help us make it a big event.

We are going to try and get a rock station out at the event. 15% off at Max and Erma's. Working on a discount at the bowling alley. The Columbus Dispatch should come out to talk with us. Dealerships may bring a few cars. Vendors, please get in touch with me. We will have a water hose and some towels I am told to help clean our cars. This event is located where will should bring in a lot of traffic.

You have 86 days to make sure you have the day off work and all affairs are taken care of. If you start today .64 cents put aside a day will cover the stay at a hotel for two nights if the cost is split by two people.

So get in the mood as we are going to rock hard core as our first meet for the year should be the biggest meet ever. Again, please feel free to post on other Domestic boards. Have them sign up on here and get in.

We Will have the rooms the 21-23 That is a Friday Saturday and Sunday. Friday everyone should start rolling in Saturday is the car show with bowling in the evening and Sunday is awards hangout and head home or feel free to stay till Monday as the price will be good to stay through Sunday. If you have any ideas for things to do, games to play at the event or even who you would like to see come to the event please let us know.

Here is the layout. $10.00 in advance to allow us to by Trophies, plaques cutlery and more for the event.

That $10 reserves your hotel rate of $54.99 a night for up to 3 nights Fir-Sun 21-23rd.

1 person 2 nights hotel = $110 + tax for room and $10 for the show
2 people 2 nights hotel = $55 a piece plus tax and $20 to enter both cars in show
3 people 2 nights hotel = $33.67 a piece plus tax and $30 if all three cars are entered
(if three people are going yet only one car is being brought/entered then it is only the $10 for the one car and $5 a head for the 2 other people for a total of $20 to enter 1 car with 3 people attending)
Remember you can stay for three nights. But most of the event will happen over the two nights

2006 Spring Fever Meet

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Hmm, I wonder,  I'm only an hour away........
One 88

2006 Spring Fever Meet

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hmmmm :)  I wonder if my car will be ready by then.... is there an official website for this anywhere?

2006 Spring Fever Meet

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Yeah should be fun Check are forum out at