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All Ford Power Show July 17th, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

23rd Annual - All Ford Powered Car Show!!!!

July 17, 2005

Lindale Mall
4444 1st Avenue Northeast
Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52402

Upper parking lot next to Younkers.

8:00AM - 4:00PM

Here's the rest of the information:

I've gone to this show for the past few years and it is by far one of the best in the area.  There's always plenty to see; from Modified Super Coupes, Shelby Cobra's, GT350's and GT500's, as well as Built Turbo Coupes, Fox Cat's, Birds, Mustangs,- even Torino's, F150's, Roadsters, and plenty of stuff from Saleen, Roush, and Steeda, to see.    That's just for starters too.  :)

There's enough stuff to see car wise all day, the DJ plays all day- and is really good, plus it's at a mall; meaning that this show generally draws one heck of a good crowd!!

The Eastern Iowa Mustang Club puts this show on every year.  They are a great bunch of folks and really know how to put on a cool show.

It's definately worth the trip!
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