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LI Stangs Cruise for the Troops Sunday 6/14/2009

LI Stangs will be cruising to "Bear Mountain", but more precisely the Anthony Wayne Recreation Area to kick off the season, in addition we will be holding a fund raiser for the troops, We (LI Stangs) will provide all necessary food, drinks, ect.. all you need to do is come out and cruise and if you choose to make a donation to the cause :cheers:

How is the cruise for the troops? : LI Stangs will be supplying all of the necessary supplies for the BBQ (eg: Food, Drinks) Im return we ask you to make a donation to the Charity we will be holding and we will be making a donation to the military

*If you are goin to be attending the cruise please post so i can add you to the list, we will be workin off of it when we purchase the food and drinks when the time comes*

Where: Anthony Wayne Recreation Area

When: Sunday June 14, 2009

Where to meet: We will be meeting up in the BACK of TRI COUNTY FLEA MARKET, the flea market is just east of the Wantagh parkway and its on the NORTH side of HEMPSTEAD TPK, in LEVITTOWN
We will be meeting at the lot at 8:30AM and we plan on leaving TRI COUNTY at 9:00AM

Suffolk Crew: We will be meeting up at the Bays Mall at 8:00am, leaving by 8:15am SHARP to head out to Tri County

Figure we'll make the rest area around 11:30.....
I know it's late notice, but anyone in the area is welcome to spin by ;)
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