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User Rides / Re: Chuck's '83 TBird
Last post by Chuck W -
Finished this up today. (Had it done yesterday, but didn't have time to put the battery back in and test drive it)

Got the clutch disc swapped out.

Not too keen on the seemingly sparse friction material on the Sachs SD1228, but I'll run it for now. The 9-puck just doesn't play nice w/o revving the hell out of it to get things moving.

Put a new output seal on the replacement transmission, and the factory plug for the shifter box has long been gone (was using this trans for mock-ups on other projects), and I couldn't seem to find the proper part online, so I just turned down one from aluminum.

Old trans

New trans

The -155 was from an 87-88 TC and the -162 was from an 87-93 2.3 EFI Mustang. They are the same WC units, aside from the speedo drive gear.

This required me changing my driven gear from the 19T I had in there to a 17T for the 3.55 gears.

Once the under-car stuff was done, I got the Pro 5.0 shifter reinstalled and buttoned up the console.

Fired it up this morning and took it for a test drive.

Everything seems to be playing nice, so we're back in action. I do need to bite the bullet and buy new tires for it, though.

Also, bonus pic of all of the Foxes.

User Rides / Re: Chuck's '83 TBird
Last post by Chuck W -
Well, the roof wrap hasn't happened, as winter set in before I could get around to it, and things have been busy since the first of the year. (And the weather is just now starting to cooperate)

Today was the day, however, that I got started on the transmission and clutch disc R&R. Got the car in the air and got everything removed in the cabin and got started underneath.

As a reminder, the transmission is being swapped out because the synchros in the current one are shot and the 6-puck clutch disc doesn't play nice in traffic.

Lounge / Re: Speed of Air Pistons
Last post by Mikey97D -
Interesting Concept.  We'll have to see how it handles real world use and longevity. 

All those "edges" make me think hot spots but diesel is different.

There's been some aftermarket heads for 2 stroke bikes using different squish patterns that people often rave about giving a better combustion.
Lounge / Speed of Air Pistons
Last post by jcassity -
We have a lot of good technical engineering minds here and i wanted to know your overall impression on the new Speed of Air pistons.
Real use data heafty data points lending itself to have earned the tag "New Piston Breakthrough",, just my opinion so far.

try not to focus on cost ,, many people do not know the two most expensive phases of a project are R&D as well as Customer Ownership.  everything in between when an item hist the market lowers the costs of either end when said item is no longer the new thing on the market.

Misc Tech / Re: Distributor shaft bushings for rebuilds
Last post by jcassity -
i am diving into this area with my 351w bronco although not the same, thanks for bringing this up.  as these cars age, your host of things that can wear out or break are those things that likely nobody ever looked at before.  we will be finding things that are breaking that are'nt even on a probable faults list because it takes decades or many 100k miles before they wear out.

here i s  link i put together to bench test the dizzy out of the car for your use if you want to verify your ign system opertation prior to putting it to work in a car.  Below are *in order* part 1 thru 7.
Lounge / Re: Help with what the proper naming convention is of my ESD/Soldering mat
Last post by jcassity -
the one i have is likely 40years old,, maybe more.  the only reason there is any damage at all is because of careless use on differnt things in the past.

they are the buy once cry once kinda thing though. 

I am going to scavange ebay later tonight and see if by a small chance anyone on there is selling some.
its going to be odd though because a lot of people dont know what this kind of thing is. 
It stands up well to knife cuts as in there is no real penetrations/marks even razor blades.