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Lounge / Re: Problem with forum.
It's been working on a computer I'm on now, I changed the color on this one'now the drop down box is gone.
Lounge / Problem with forum.
When I try to open any section in the forum, there is nothing in it.
Electrical Tech / ECM non bird or cat info.
Trying to make a 90 F150 with a modified 5.0 and a standard trans mass air. Using a newer truck auto ecm with a auto trans. I pretty much got the harness part figured out, I keep reading about putting resistors inputs to the ecm to trick the computer to think it has an auto trans. I can't seem to find more info on it. So if anybody has info or where to look can  you let me know.    The ecm is a "HUG2"  5.0, 4R70W trans.