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Lounge / Re: Welcome To The New Board!
 Reducing my responses to whining and waving my wallet around is a low blow for an administrator and especially you.  I’m not asking for a refund, no one is.  We are here because your rude response was returned with mine. I’m surprised you know my standards for this forum because I sure don’t. 

So back to what I ask, the yellow news field on the top of the page is causing a scrolling usability issue and the repost time is probably a default item that may not have came up on anyone’s radar.  I know why that is usually in place thwarting spammers and all.

Looking back I could have ask nicely, could have said please or started with saying I’m happy to see the new forum has a mobile friendly upgrade.  I’m as pleased as everyone else about this new system, already I prefer the second theme and would be interested in seeing additional themes.  I would also like to see a usability thread with all the shortcuts and features people discover, like making this text field larger with touching and dragging the bottom of the box up or down.

Lounge / Re: Welcome To The New Board!
Alright...   Gumby gave me the heads up it was updated.   Already I can say the yellow banner at top is causing a funky scrolling issue on phone because it wants to scroll by itself within the page itself.  Ditch that or make the field larger.
User Rides / Chuck's '83 TBird
I eagerly await your solution Chuck, just make it easy enough that I can duplicate it easily!
User Rides / 88 XR-7 Project "Save this ol car"
Excellent! Always nice when they are back on the road. Is your black car full options?  I see keyless entry and a moonroof I believe as well as possibly illuminated entry?
Engine Tech / Speed Density and Supercharging?
Quote from: Moonmount;468447
If you want to stay speed density get a megasquirt pnp. Also a good turbo setup will hit peak boost far quicker than a centrifugal supercharger.

Agreed, there is no reason to try and use 30 year old tech when there are so many options nowadays even beyond the ever increasing in price megasquirt.
Engine Tech / Converting CFI to PFI on 3.8
It’s possible you wouldn’t need to swap the harness, the 88 3.8 was batch fire.  You could simply modify the injector harness.  I’m sure you know this Jeremy.:hick:
User Rides / 88 XR-7 Project "Save this ol car"
Quote from: Muttwood;468350

The computer that came with the motor is stamped (Taurus/Sable 3.8) it's in a box somewhere.

I have yet to find any write-ups on using this type of ECM on a Cougar/Thunderbird.

Has anyone else ?

Can you post a picture of tags on the 60 pin connector?