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Events & Shows / 50th Mercury Cougar anniversary Ford World Headquarters CATS & CCOA
CATS Classic Cougar Club and the Cougar Club of America is having a 50th Cougar anniversary celebration at Ford World Headquarters June 9 - 12, 2017. All Mercury Cougars are invited from 1967 to 2002. You can go to our web site: and click on the 50th anniversary link to get the itinerary for the weekend and register for the show. We would like to have every year of the Mercury Cougar represented at this show, and some anniversary additions as well.!attendee-registration/qxrbs

Since most of you don't know me. I've owned Cougars since 1985 and currently have 8 Cougars ranging from 67 to 69. Right now I don't own one in the 83 -88 generation, but in the past I had a 83 with the 3.8L and put over 300,000 on it before it got sold. Also had a 89 3.8L Supercharge Cougar and a 97 4.6L Cougar. Hope to add a 86 turbo 5spd to the collection some day. I work in the auto industry and did engine development on all the engines offered in the 83 to 88 Cougars.

Best regards,
                      Brian Carpenter, President CATS