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Events & Shows / 2016 ThunderCat Day
Hey guys. Sorry, I've been slow in getting the pictures uploaded. I'll get a link to them in a day or so. Including a couple of videos of the Prius making it's epic pull!
Lounge / oil filter failure?
IIRC, it takes 200-300PSI over normal to unroll the seam on an oil filter. (Useless knowledge from my auto parts
Events & Shows / Thundercat Day 2012 - July 28th
I'm working on a project car. If I can get it done in time I'd like to toss it on the rollers and see what it makes. If not, I'll be in the Marauder. Either way, looking forward to seeing everyone again.

Engine Tech / 3.8 CFI driveability issue
Drove the Mustang tonight and right at the 20 mile mark it started acting up. A KOEO scan revealed codes 11 & 63. My scanner defines code 63 as "TPS circuit below minimum voltage".

When I first bought the car it didn't want to start and ran very poorly when it did. I checked the TPS because I know they are pr0ne to causing problems. At the time the engine was cold and I didn't get any "out-of-range" readings with the OHM meter, just a steady rise and fall when working the throttle. A quick sweep of the TPS with my OHM meter tonight with the engine hot shows several dead spots throughout the range.

Has anyone heard of that problem being temperature related?
Engine Tech / 3.8 CFI driveability issue
It didn't show any codes last time I scanned it. (None saved, none running) I'll drive it again and scan when it starts acting up.
Engine Tech / 3.8 CFI driveability issue
It's not a T-Bird or Cougar, but I'm hoping someone can help me with an issue. I picked up an '84 Mustang convertible with a 3.8L V6 from the local Goodwill auction. Both fuel pumps were out and it had about 2 quarts too much oil in it. I replaced the fuel pumps and did an oil change. While I was at it I put in new plugs, changed the O2 sensors (original), and the IAT (covered in oil).

When I first start the car it runs great. After about 20-30 miles of driving it will start to develop a miss. It becomes a solid but random miss that continues as long as I’m driving the car. At highway speed the miss occurs at different intervals and for varying lengths of time. The problem is much worse at low speeds, so much so that it wants to stall at idle.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!