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User Rides / New to me 83
Nice!  Was the mirror delete a factory thing?  Never seen it before on these cars
Events & Shows / Foxtober Fest, 2016
Quote from: Fearnot;457451
Are you coming up tomorrow or Saturday?

Tomorrow, hoping to be there by early afternoon and be able to go to the kick-off party
Events & Shows / Foxtober Fest, 2016
Quote from: Fearnot;457448
I was planning to take my 84 Turbo GT convertible but I could take the TurboChicken. What are you bringing?

1986 Turbo Coupe
Events & Shows / Foxtober Fest, 2016
For those who don't know, Foxtober Fest is Saturday the 15th in Kannapolis, NC. 

Hoping that some of you are able to make it, and that I'm not the only T-Bird there!
User Rides / New Car: 1986 T-Bird Turbo Coupe
Hey all, purchased this 1986 Turbo Coupe April 2nd. It's California car with just around 80k on the clock (30k on the Ford Motor-sport speedometer which replaced the stock 85 mph one at about 50k). So far, I've had to replace the fuel-pump (I suppose that is to be expected since it was original).

Very happy with it so far; Seems to be in excellent mechanical condition, main issues are cosmetic (paint fade, fabric fade, and cracked rubber) due to the California sun. In addition, there is a bit of rust below the rear window trim.

So far, I've installed new headlights and ordered a dash-mat (to cover the cracks and keep new ones from forming).

Current plans are to: Replace the window trim pieces with ones which have been stripped of paint, replace the window dew wipes, install a dynomax-ultraflo ler (the stock one has an exhaust leak), and replace the stock shift- with a solid aluminum one (to prevent wear on the stock one).

In addition, when I replace the rear window trim, I will assess the rust-damage. I may seal it with a spray-able rubber sealant to keep it from getting worse (Rust-oleum peel coat).

Hoping to experiment with "dipping" it in different colors when I can create a suitable booth in the garage.

No plans on performance mods, want to keep it stock and reliable.

Thanks for taking the time to read!

T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars WANTED / Looking for 1983-1986 Turbo Coupe
I am looking for a Thunderbird Turbo Coupe 5-speed made from 1983 to 1986

I will spend up to $4,000 for a very nice example

Car must:

Be 5-speed

Have no rust

Have a sound engine and drive-train with little or no modification

Have a straight body

Have at least good paint

Have good interior

Roll-up windows

Window vents

No sunroof


Located in Newnan, Georgia but will travel
General Fox T-Bird/Cougar Discussion / Hello from Georgia!
Thank you! I actually have that site under one of my favorites and completely overlooked using it as a buyer's guide.  I love the look of the Cougar's notchback, it's just I love the T-Bird's fastback a bit more! Haha
General Fox T-Bird/Cougar Discussion / Hello from Georgia!
Thank you! Glad to be a part of this great group.  I tried doing a search on common issues to look for (rust, mechanical) when looking at a Turbo Coupe, but not really any luck; if someone has the time, can they direct me to a good link or explain some common problems?  Again, thank you very much guys
General Fox T-Bird/Cougar Discussion / Hello from Georgia!
Prospective Turbo-Coupe owner here.

I have always liked these cars especially in the 1983-1986 form and hope to own one soon.

I honestly have never even SEEN a 1983-1986 in person. 

I hope to soon change that by possibly meeting up with someone, on this site, who is in the Atlanta area so I can see what these are all about.

I'd buy you lunch and we can talk cars.

I've had a 1995 Super-Coupe 5-Speed my senior year of high-school in 2013 (very fun)
Daily is a 1995 BMW 325is
Weekend car is a 1985 BMW 325e (on it's second engine because a mouse found its way between the cam and timing belt...)
Current father/son project is a 1998 Lincoln Mark VIII 5-speed swap

I feel like a Turbo Coupe is the next step, thanks for taking the time to read!