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General Fox T-Bird/Cougar Discussion / Who makes/made this front bumper cover?
Quote from: M-train;450792
I really like it.

As an alternative a 90's camero bumper cover might be fabbed to fit as those car had the front end of the body coming to a point kinda like the Thunderbirds 87, and 88.

That's an old Xenon Kit I'll bet!

I had an 87 Bird that had the same style.

Unfortunately, they aren't made anymore.  Finding one could also prove difficult.

More info from CoolCats:
Lounge / GARAGE FIND (Kinda) 1988 Cougar XR-7. Cleanest in existence?
Quote from: CleanXR7;450480

Quick question. Does the Mustang dual exhaust fit without extending it? The Cougar is a longer wheelbase.

Headers, H-Pipe, and intermediates from a similar year Mustang will fit.    Everything else from there on back will have to be custom.
Lounge / GARAGE FIND (Kinda) 1988 Cougar XR-7. Cleanest in existence?
NADA Classic Car Retail Value falls between $3500 - $6500.   

It doesn't let you get very specific withe the mileage / condition though.

A private appraisal would likely be the best way to handle your scenario.

That is one  fine Cat!   

I'd get the appraisal for insurance purposes, then keep it and enjoy it!

General Fox T-Bird/Cougar Discussion / Very oddly optioned 83 Heritage (mine)
My 83 Cougar is similar!

No Vent Windows
Manual AC
No Power Seats
Non locking Fuel Door - No Remote Release
Digital Clock
buttstuffog Speedo
Column Shift  ( Yes headers ARE possible with this option!  - But that's another thread.  )

It DOES have cruise and tilt though.

I think Ford may have just slapped things on these cars in a random sort of way, considering the state of the auto industry at the time.    Weird!

I still prefer the simplicity of my Cat over my Navigator, or most any newer vehicle, for that matter!
T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars FOR SALE / 88 Cougar For Sale
Quote from: Haystack;450346
What does it actually need to run?

I am dead serious.

It does run!

Engine just has a slight knock and the idle is a little high.  ( IAC has been cleaned , TPS is new.)
Transmission does need adjusting, as there is a delay going into first or reverse.    TV cable adjustment would be my guess, as the car did drive from Wisconsin to Iowa without issue before it was parked.

Otherwise, its just the usual stuff that you would expect from a 27 year old car.

We just sold the property that the car is on, so it needs to go ASAP.
T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars FOR SALE / 88 Cougar For Sale
Quote from: Lodemia;450320
If you would part with it, I would be very interested in the wing.

Sure!  I'd like $200 for the wing.  The rest of the car comes with it as a bonus!  :)

Shipping is still up to you though!  :P
Engine Tech / Radiator Hold Downs / Brackets
EricCoolCats - The Steeda Bracket I have is exactly the same as the one you referenced.    It came with a 1/4 inch spacer for each side to allow adjustment, but it just doesn't seem to do enough. 

I'm not above doing some fabrication; just wanted to see if anything was out there first.

What did you use for the rubber padding?

V8Demon - It is a direct fit for a Fox Cougar - the measurements are the same, just the thicker core.    The problem appears to be that the mounting points on the radiator itself, in the OEM location, are just physically lower than an OEM would be.
New OEM Insulators are installed on the lower mount - no issue with fitment, or height down there whatsoever.  ( Weird ehh?  )

Thanks for the help guys!  :)
Engine Tech / Radiator Hold Downs / Brackets
I'm at it again!

Just installed an aluminum 2 core radiator in my 83' 5.0 Cougar, and am not liking the OEM top mounts one bit.

The rubber insulators in the OEM Mounts barely even touch the mount locations on the radiator itself, and allow about 1/2 of up and down movement of the radiator itself.  - Obviously not a good thing.

I purchased on of those Steeda Hold Downs that bolts into the OEM location, but the hold down point is across the entire top of the radiator core. -  Same problem.  1/2 of up and down movement of the radiator itself.

My set up does still utilize a belt driven fan.

Any ideas folks?  What are you guys with larger non-OEM radiator upgrades using?

I'm considering trying this on, as it would cover the entire top of the radiator itself, and could be bolted through the fan shroud mounting holes:

I'd appreciate your thoughts.    Thanks!