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Lounge / SSF PLZ.
Hello, me John C with the used to go by BLU84302 when I started here in my 20 years ago.  Just wanted to see if I could get access to the section of the board that was the old Super Secret Forum that had interesting topic of who's doin what these days.

Lounge / Re: Annual Appeal
CashApp would be a suggestion.  It's pretty easy to use. 
User Rides / Re: Pastel Desert Sand TC...
This is how she sits today.  I'm getting there.  Some recent work...  fuel system upgrade from 84 18 gallon tank to an 86 20 gallon tank.  main reason was the sending unit issue I was having with the 84 tank.  Made a 255lph bbk pump work with a stock hanger.  Added the SFC that were earlier shown in this thread.  I still have to weld in the floor and halo roll cage and install racing seats.  I will likely go with carpet to cover up my py welds.  Battery relocation is mounted but i have to adjust the car wiring to route the fuse blocks to the new battery cable.  Lots of work still to go but i foresee a joy ride in my future... :P

YouTube video of it running.

Lounge / Re: Feeling frustrated with the state of my project.
Got the front fenders, header, bumper and trunk lid off.  Need to finish install of new trunk lid.  Didn't gap well.  Some progress though.   Even hit it with a 15 dollar sandblaster tank from a yard sale.  Had sand left in it.  Just did the outside strut tower to clean up some before a rust restorer was applied.  only one side cause it rained.  Over cast was nice enough to work in.
Lounge / Feeling frustrated with the state of my project.
I'm so unproductive when it comes to getting my bird back on the road.  It's been down for 4 years now.  I have a parts car and everything that is needed to get it into a functioning vehicle but just can't find the motivation to go out in the heat and work on it.  It's not in a garage and the majority of the work is metal work fixing the floor boards.  I need to change the doors, trunk lid, front fenders, hood, and header panel.  I also need to install rear brake lines, new fuel lines, and the gas tank.  All this is just overwhelming and I feel the pressure to finish it constantly.

I watch MotorTrend shows and see like 4 people get a car that has been sitting for 30 years running in a week.  And I know the majority of the time it's just television magic and there is more behind the scenes to the show but I wish I were able to just magically finish my car in a month or so. 

Any suggestions on how I can get this project back on track?  How have some of you guys overcome this challenge?

-Johnny C
User Rides / Re: Pastel Desert Sand TC...
I am choosing a fuel cell because the car is a turbo coupe and I plopped the 5.0 in it.  I had to modify the in tank pump to allow for a better flowing fuel pump.  This is the modified pump.

I could never get the sending unit to read right so I want to simplify everything with new tank, lines, pump, and sending unit.

I managed to remove all the fuel lines today; brake lines will be removed too on another day.  Once that's done it'll be the ebrake that needs to be removed to allow for cleaning the rust off the subframe for the connectors to be welded in. 
User Rides / Re: Pastel Desert Sand TC...
Got some more work done on the disassembly.  Got the rear end up in the air under load and the whole car is level with the pad it's on. 

Removed the fuel tank and I'm almost done removing the fuel lines.  After that will be the ebrake cables.  I'm not sure how I'm going to do that since I really dislike having an extra pedal by my feet.  I'm looking into the electric ebrake setup.  There will be a fuel cell to replace the original tank.  Going to upgrade the fuel lines and pump.

User Rides / Pastel Desert Sand TC...
Some of you will remember this car.

Also this car...

And the blaspheme that occurred when I combined the two.

Well it's been about 10+ years since I did the build.  I have had a rough few years lately and the car sat with a leaky windshield.  I am finally able to do something about this and attempt to get road worthy.  The car does run but I've gutted it to get to the rust.  Here is recent pictures. 

Here is a pic of some Global West SFC's.  They took 3 months to make because of the way the world is changing.

More Rust

Motor runs.  It's the 84 non roller block with the roller setup that came out of the Yellow Kitty.

I've already removed a lot of the sound damping insulation.  I'm going to get these SFC's installed soon and then the rust repair will begin.  Strut towers are good, and the back of the car is in good shape.  Just the floor pans are the big issue.

I do want to paint it the original pastel desert sand.  I have a decent budget to work with and the labor is free because it is going to be a project for my son and I. 

9.8 to 1 forged pistons
Edelbrock Aluminum heads Summit #6037
Edelbrock Upper n Lower intake #3821
Edelbrock 65mm TBI/EGR #3824/#3827
Edelbrock camshaft #3722
Edelbrock timing chain set

Interactive system n technologies Mass Air flow system w/24# injectors
Summit racing 155 liter/hr fuel pump
True duals with shorty headers
High performance starter with heat shield
3g alternator
The 5 speed in the car is WC out of a mustang
3.08 7.5 mustang rear with slapper bars
I am sure there is more but all I can remember for now.

-A9L computer
-stock but polished EFI distributor with an msd cap/rotor and a petronics flame thrower module and new steel gear
-professional products EGR spacer with block plate
Misc Tech / Door latch & hinge interchange?
Do the 83-86 door latch's interchange with any other vehicle?  Will mustang hinges work?  Will the latch work if I use the rods from my t-bird?  Any one have to change there's out and use one from a different vehicle?
T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars WANTED / Help please! WTB: 83 - 86 Drivers Side Door Latch & Hinges.
In need of a door latch and hinges for an 83-86.  Does not need to be power door lock.  I'm having to climb through the window or passenger side.  This is my daily driver please help.  Willing to pay a premium for these parts since none are in the yards around me.  Also I will consider a whole door if you have one.  Thanks for looking at my post.

T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars FOR SALE / 1986 Thunderbird for parts
Quote from: Lodemia;459184
I'll let 83TB respond first, but if you don't find one, I have a parts car that I think I can snag one off of.

I'm not in a hurry for it.  Windows are up in the winter.  I'm interested in how much it would cost for your time and the part shipped to 43105.