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Events & Shows / Carlisle 2017
Quote from: Kitz Kat;461121
Sorry to see you didn't make it. We had a good showing of cats. I think we had 8 or 9 of us. We even had a aussie show up with a cat he just bought to ship home.
We did make it there just not Paula's Cougar LS and sat under the black canopy tent and I was using a red rent a scooter to get around. I do remember seeing your Cougar also friend. Sorry we never introduced ourselves to you.
Events & Shows / Carlisle 2017
Row B321 is where we are parking Paula's Cougar at Carlisle near the car corral area too. :D
Events & Shows / Carlisle 2017
Quote from: Kitz Kat;460528
I registered, I'll make it if I don't have to work.
Great hope to meet up with you there and it should be a good gathering for our Cougars as well. :D
Lounge / It's been a LONG time...
Still lingering around on this site as well just not posting up any cruise-in pics. We are attending Carlisle with fascat , blknredcougar , Baxo in early June for the 50th Cougar Anniversary event. Plus another event on the following Weekend up in Dearborn,Mi. :D
Events & Shows / Carlisle 2017
It will be Our first visit to Carlisle in June for the 50th anniversary with Paula's 1985 Cougar LS and Special Thanks goes to :bowdown: (Greg) fastcat for helping us by trailering it with 2 of his own cats.
Lounge / Happy Birthday U.S. Marines
On this date 241 yrs ago our United States Marines started. Thank You All for those that served and are currently serving now. :bowdown: