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Long Term File Hosting Recommendations

Not sure if this the right place to ask but here goes anyway.
Does anybody have any recommendations for long term file hosting?
I have a few foxbody service related materials scanned up and i wanted to make them available to others that may need it but its been well over a decade since i even had to think about file hosting.
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Re: Long Term File Hosting Recommendations

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I have very limited experience with these types of hosting so please take this with a grain of salt.

If the files are not that big, I would probably put them in my Google Drive file although since sharing with strangers would maybe make another email address sub of my primary account.  My wife recently did something similar for a family calendar.  then I would just share with a link to that file on Drive.

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Re: Long Term File Hosting Recommendations

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We have a few that have been shared through a Google drive file, I believe one was provided by you.

I recently have gotten back into computers, mostly server and storage related. Eventually I want to get to the point of hosting files and information for these cars.
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