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Distributor shaft bushings for rebuilds

Ok.  Considering that I now own THREE cars with a TFI style EFI Ford 5.0 ignition system I figure it's time to have some spare GOOD parts on hand; specifically a distributor or two.

I have 2 old/worn distributors with known bad PIP sensors. One from one of my cars, the other I grabbed for dirt cheap to swap the PIP on to use as a spare.

Anyway I figure if I'm going through the hassle of pulling the gear and shift to get to the PIP, I may as well swap out the shaft bushings as well while I'm at it.  Worn shaft bushings can and WILL affect the idle quality and just off idle power due to the introduction of lateral and rotational shaft play even with known good electronics installed on the distributor and the rest of the ignition system.  Been there done that.

My question is where the hell can I source the proper bushing?  The earlier. 467" diameter ones are plentiful.

The ones for EFI cars it's a . 531" diameter shaft? I'm coming up with bupkis.  Strange considering that you can obtain cheap knockoff aftermarket distributors brand new so with that in mind, one SHOULD be able to source the proper bushings as well.

So, anyone ever rebuild one or know a source for the bushings?

Fwiw  .531" is basically 17/32nds...
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Re: Distributor shaft bushings for rebuilds

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i am diving into this area with my 351w bronco although not the same, thanks for bringing this up.  as these cars age, your host of things that can wear out or break are those things that likely nobody ever looked at before.  we will be finding things that are breaking that are'nt even on a probable faults list because it takes decades or many 100k miles before they wear out.

here i s  link i put together to bench test the dizzy out of the car for your use if you want to verify your ign system opertation prior to putting it to work in a car.  Below are *in order* part 1 thru 7.