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quad shock OEM parts on rock auto

once upon a time, i had to replace the OEM horizontal shock in the rear of the 20th and had a hell of a time trying to find them in box stores.  I ended up measuring the lenth and bought a set that seemed to be called out for Jeep.

later on i was drilling deep into Rock Auto and as with any life lesson,,,, if only you knew what the  thing is called you might be able to find the part.

i sumbled across what appeared to be an identical looking ""cone"ish ended looking shock that rock auto had at that time dub'd as a "steering dampener".  I lookded at the specs and it was a match for these two tiny shocks and ordered a set , stored them back and later on installed them.  I called rock auto and had them update how they classified these shocks so people can find them easier and now they can be found under the following path............
car info.../ drivetrain / axle shaft dampener 

just fyi incase you too were wanting something that looked identical to the ford OEM ones.  they are 24$ ea by Gabriel pn 14039