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Re: Something to remember when moving a bolt hole...

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wow,, old thread but.
pro-tip 2
use a banjo fitting on the bottom of your oil and trans pan.
use a hyd hose from your oil pan and dress /secure hose towards the outboard  "side area" of your car.
your hyd hose will have a JIC fitting / cap on the end.,,,
same for trans pan.
now,, to change fluids, stoop down and with one hand locate where you have your hose clipped to.
take off the end cap and drain into pan.

this application has existed in big rig / military rigs etc for decades.
its time we stop crawling under our cars for oil changes,, its 2023


Re: Something to remember when moving a bolt hole...

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forgot to mention...........
A very good/ reliable threadd insert for making a drain plug is a product called a "JACK NUT"
drill hole
use high temp washer(s) on each side
goober some high temp jbweld on the inside/outside surface of pan
tighten bolt and it crimps in place.
the bolt you use to install the jack nut becomes your drain plug.

I think there is a bulkhead fittings (think above ground swimming pool penetrations) that would also work well.

all the above requires no welding.  just the drilling of a hole.