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Speed of Air Pistons

We have a lot of good technical engineering minds here and i wanted to know your overall impression on the new Speed of Air pistons.
Real use data heafty data points lending itself to have earned the tag "New Piston Breakthrough",, just my opinion so far.

try not to focus on cost ,, many people do not know the two most expensive phases of a project are R&D as well as Customer Ownership.  everything in between when an item hist the market lowers the costs of either end when said item is no longer the new thing on the market.


Re: Speed of Air Pistons

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Interesting Concept.  We'll have to see how it handles real world use and longevity. 

All those "edges" make me think hot spots but diesel is different.

There's been some aftermarket heads for 2 stroke bikes using different squish patterns that people often rave about giving a better combustion.
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