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TWO PEICE oil pan modification & replacement.

I am going to be forced to replace my oil pan soon,,, its given me no choice.  its rusting out.
during my "Jumped time" project" i found out where my majority of oil leak was.  Two pin holes on the pass and one on the drivers side.  I mixed up some super sauce of epoxy and putty and jbweld and its holding for now.  seems to be what everyone else is doing for a somewhat semi long term repair.

In the meantime i am looking for a oil pan from someone so i can "make" it into a two piece pan,  This will help "future proof" so to speak the ease of which it is to access the bottom end in the future.  Anyone with a pan can call 304 772 4082 and ask for scott.

i put this thread here because i know there will be questions.  I have found a sheet steel product that is "H" shaped which is the key to enable this idea to move forward.  if this has already been done then pls share cause i will need all the help i can get.  Overall this will be an easy project to achieve.  Sketch up available if needed and i will likely do a vid on it at "i fix it all" on youtube.  Its my belief this solves a burden us fox body people have.

Re: TWO PEICE oil pan modification & replacement.

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Oil pan from an HO work for ya? I have a couple laying around in the shop...
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Re: TWO PEICE oil pan modification & replacement.

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sure  ,, if there is no difference?????????????????  i would guess not???????  i have no clue if there is a difference or not.
sent you a message...........

Re: TWO PEICE oil pan modification & replacement.

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does anyone else have a spare one laying around?
just le me know how much and how to pay.  304 772 4082= scott cassity

Re: TWO PEICE oil pan modification & replacement.

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My temporary patch work on my oil pan has failed.
I still need an oil pan if anyone is able to let go of one


Re: TWO PEICE oil pan modification & replacement.

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not actually, i was just trying to keep my money in the family so to speak.....
No matter what , i have to solve this with either a pan or this other patch stuff by jb weld called high temp two part epoxy.

the two part stuff i used before had no temp rating and lasted for 1500 miles or so.

apparently the high temp two part jbweld is really good according to "project farm" on youtube and he does really intuitive testing on products.