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Hello, me John C with the used to go by BLU84302 when I started here in my 20 years ago.  Just wanted to see if I could get access to the section of the board that was the old Super Secret Forum that had interesting topic of who's doin what these days.

84 TurboCoupe with 302 .010 over - 9.8 : 1 Forged Pistons - Edlebrock Goodies:  Aluminum Heads #6037, Intake #3821, 65mm TBI/EGR #3824/3827, Camshaft #3722 -  Interactive System & Technologies Mass Air with 24# Injectors - A9L - 3g Alternator - BBK shorties, Cat Converter H-pipe, Magniflow lers - World Class T5 1352-169 (1986, V8, WC, 3.15 3.35 1.93 1.29 1.00 0.68) OEM Clutch Cable - 7.5 Trac Lock with 3.08 and slapper bars from 82 Mustang.


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Hi John! That doesn't exist anymore...we lost some things when transitioning over to the new board software. Everyone is posting projects out in the open now.