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So what can we do...

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I've had the same problem also. I don't bookmark the site. I actually type it every time I visit,
It's Gumby's fault.

So what can we do...

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Might try clearing your cookies & cache - I did that at the same time that I changed the bookmark, so I'm not sure which fixed it. Using Chrome here
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So what can we do...

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Luckily Google searching has led me here and to NATO
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So what can we do...

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im on about everyday ,, out in the garage i tend to just come here but not log in.

ive said it before.. the social media renditions of message boards are not as organized and structured well enough.

a couple years ago someone was busting my chops for using this so called old fashion method..  oh well,, its stable and under the control of people i tend to trust more than the other way.

Re: So what can we do...

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I'm just lurking.
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