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'86 Cougar GS Molding Replacement

I recently brought home an '86 Cougar GS with a few little bumps and bruises.  On the passenger side, the thin molding that goes down the middle of the door has come off (the previous owner kept the moldings), as well as the mating piece that attaches to the rear quarter panel.  My question is, what is the best way to re-attach these?  Both the molding and the sheet metal have chunks of the original adhesive still attached to them.  I'm guessing that all of this will have to be removed from molding and metal, right?  What is the best way to do that?  Then, what kind of adhesive works best to put them back on?  Thanks.

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Re: '86 Cougar GS Molding Replacement

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Yes, you will want to clean up the old adhesive from all surfaces. 3M 38984 works well to soften up the old adhesive, they also have an aerosol version. Once it softens up a plastic ser of some sort works well to get it off. There are also adhesive eraser wheels that you can use in a drill to remove adhesive from the steel painted parts. The key with those is low speed to keep the heat down. Do NOT use those on plastic parts, it will easily burn into them. It'll take some time. Start with a small spot and make sure what ever method it's not hurting the paint.

I use 3M double sided tape for reinstalling. The 1/2 width # is 06382. I also use 06396 adhesion promoter on the molding side before applying the tape.