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Instrument cluster removal/bulb replacement

These was a responses to a thread a while back, I figured they would make a nice addition to this section.

Quote from: sarjxxx;318092
If you have the typical cluster with the digital speedometer, here's what you have to do.

You will need a phillips screwdriver and a 7 or 8 mm socket (I can't  remember exactly which, I changed my screws a long time ago to all  phillips) and a super long extension. You will also need a set of 194  bulbs (the book calls for a different kind, but these work just fine,  and they're at just about every auto parts store known to man, and I've  used them for about a year now, no prob). The speedo light takes 2, but  it wont hurt to get a 10 light set and replace a few others just so you  dont have to do this again too soon.
1. Use the screwdriver and take out the screws holding your lower dash  panels on either side of your steering column, and pry the panels off.  They are clipped into the main panel, a little pulling and prying gets  em right off.
2. Take out all the screws on the main panel. Look closely, some of them  evade you the first time. If you have a column shift, pull it down into  1st, it will make it much easier to remove the panel, and just pull it  out.
3. You might want to grab a flashlight so you can see the 4 bolts  holding your instrument cluster onto your dash. They are really just hex  head screws and will come right out, this is where the super long  extension comes in handy. Just be careful not to drop them on the way  out. One of those little magnet tools comes in real handy.
4. Pull your instrument cluster out, and again, if you have column  shift, be careful not to pull to hard on the wire that controls your  gear display, simply unhook it from the cluster as soon as you can see  it. Mines been gone forever cause I was a RETARD and CUT IT IN HALF  because I didn't know what it was. Also, you have two wire harnesses  plugged into the back of it, those are kinda hard to get to, but just  squeeze the sides on the long ends of each one and pull them out to  remove them. You will have to do that while the cluster is still  somewhat in the dash.
5. Now pull it on out, and flip it over, you will see a million little  light sockets, the ones you are concerned with are on the top center,  over your speedometer. twist and pull both sockets out. Pull the lights  straight out of the socket, and put your new ones in. You will see they  don't look the same, but they do the same thing. Feel free to replace  any others that you might feel important too if ya wanna...and they are  the actual 194 bulbs.
6. Put everything back together the same way you took it apart. But,  before you screw everything down, once you get your wiring harnesses  plugged back in, put the car in ACC and make sure everything works and  lights up that worked and lighted up before, and make sure BOTH of your  speedo lights come on, or it will still be dim, especially in daytime.  If they do not, it helps to pull the sockets back out and pull the  pr0ngs down just a little bit, because sometimes they do not make good  contact on the board.
7. Be very CAREFUL about OVER TIGHTENING the screws that hold your  panels to your dash. That plastic is very brittle and breaks way too  easily. (I'm on my third set).

There you go, step by overdescribed step.:D Good luck
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Instrument cluster removal/bulb replacement

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And jcassity's respocse

Quote from: jcassity;318155
I'll contribute ,, from the archive:D

dash removal
I am sure by now you have the outter dash cover dressing off.
you should have the clear face plate off to.
you should now have 4 torx head scews out that hold the dash assy in place.

The white chord thing is the column shifter indicator cable.
you can either ...
a. turn the dash face cover sideways and out of the way
***put the col shifter all the way down.
***your tilt wheel should be tilted down.
b. remove the very small screw on the back that holds it.
you will have to manage to unhook the cable loop
attached to the selector on the rear,*watch out and
dont loose that little spring.

once the above is done you can reach in the back of the dash assy and  squeeze the both ends of the conn which will release the conn keepers  and let them pull out. I found it easier to bust a couple of factory zip  ties / tape to allow the harness assy to pull further out. After all of  the above,, the dash will come out and you can get to both bulbs on the  top of the speedo. you can also take the time to test the rest of the  bulbs. the sockets insert from the rear and are twist lock. If a bulb is  intermittant, remove the socket,, pry up on each contact that you see  looking into the the socket hole. If you just want to verify bulbs,,  turn your head lights on and the dash will light up. some of the bulbs  are hard to get to cause they are just that way. Use a rubber hose to  slip over the bulb, pull straight out and insert bulb in an easy to get  to location. Re-insert bulb into the old socket --if its good-- and  twist your rubber hose CCW to get the hose off the bulb.

good luck,, the hardest part is getting the dash cover off and to the side.
[thread=28690]1988 Cougar V6[/thread]
2012 F-150 3.7L
2011 Mustang 3.7L