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Lounge / Re: AC Power grimlin
Kitchen counter experiment.
6 position power strip with a  three pr0ng cord to a 2 pr0ng receptacle adapter.
The power strip ground is isolated from the receptacle ground.

Pwr strip ground:  to neutral 35.6v, to hot 48.2v,  to a screw on the oven door 36.6v
Pwr strip ground:  thru a toaster and ammeter on 20ma scale to screw on oven door 0 ma.
Pwr strip ground:  thru ammeter on 20ma scale to oven door screw 0 ma
Pwr strip ground: thru my wet finger to oven door screw, no shock

Removed the 2 pr0ng adapter, outlet ground connected to pwr strip ground.
0v between pwr strip ground and oven door screw.

Don't know whats making the o in pr0ng come to up capital or zero?
Lounge / Re: AC Power grimlin
You should insure there is no possibility of a difference in electrical potential between any of the metal parts of this bench.
They should all be "bonded" together, with bolts that make a good electrical connection. or ground wires if necessary.
This should include the freezer chest that is close to the bench.

The earth ground is always going to be on your concrete floor, with varying degrees of conductivity based on moisture.
You must be aware of this. As Chuck W pointed out. You might want to consider putting a rubber floor mat in front of the bench.
Lounge / Re: AC Power grimlin
I did not mean to imply that you needed the power cord attached to the power strip to create the crosstalk condition.
Your experiments and the, fact that you did not have the power strip cord attached when you got shocked, shows just the ground wire floating in the strip is enough to have the induced voltage in the ground wire.
I believe the reason the induced voltage increases with the UPS is because you have current flowing through the hot and neutral wires.
With no current flow you only have sinewave activity on the hot wire. With current flow there is sinewave activity on both hot and neutral wires.
Lounge / Re: AC Power grimlin
The power strip  power cord is unplugged from the wall socket. Your "back feeding" of the power strip is also back feeding the unplugged power strip cord..  The floating ground/bonding wire in the power strip and power cord is picking crosstalk from the other wires. It's acting like the secondary winding of a transformer.
If that power strip case is metal, it should also be connected to the ground wire.
Lounge / Re: Blank Boards
There was a similar problem with one of the early web browsers. Maybe Netscape? After an update, every thing went blank.
Turned out it was defaulting to white text on a white background. It was all there, you just couldn't read it.
Lounge / Blank Boards
Eric, The only boards I get are three sub-boards. All the rest are blank.
Lounge / Re: Anyone still around?
Still here.  Have had a really busy year with family (travel to see them, mom having to be admitted to a memory care facility, trying to talk my dad into moving in with us), buying & selling a house, wife getting a new job (best job she has had in her career), putting a new fuel system in the Mustang (old one could not keep up with the demands of the motor), and then keeping up with my projects at work.  All of that kept me from getting back to my alternator not charging on the Bird after the dash project but I plan on getting back on that as I need to put the dash back together before my dad kicks me out of his shop.
The keyed power to turn on the alternator goes through the alternator warning light in the console. (cars without an ammeter)
Suspension/Steering / Re: Stock rear brake drums
When they are less than 1/16 inch thick. Have you ever had them re-turned to smooth them up in the life of the car?
Places that do that work will tell if they are too thin and need replacing.  They check them with a micrometer.
Electrical Tech / Re: Considering Alternator Replacement, Weighing Options
Yeah, those manuals on CD are a pain to work with. I have to hang on to my Win XP computer to use them. They're a no go on Win  7-10.
I don't know if there is a visible difference between the  40 and 60 amp versions if the color stamps are not there.
In the text it says the stator coils are in a delta configuration in the 60 amp.
The side terminal shows the difference in the diagram.
Engine Tech / Re: cranks no start **Diagosed**
Looks awful dry in there. However that chain is supposed to get lubed aint working.
Is the shallow end of the pan in the front?
Can you look in or stick something in the pan to see if there's oil there?
Maybe it is supposed to splash or sling oil up from the pan.