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Miscellaneous For Sale/Wanted / B303 cam
I have a B303 cam I will not be using. It’s new in box. $245/shipped in lower U.S.
Shipping USPS with tracking.
Lounge / F.E.P , What’s up?
Is anyone here logging on to Four Eyed Pride lately? I’ve tried and it looks like the site is down and has been awhile. Is this for website repair or something else? Just checking and hopefully someone here knows something.
 Thanks for your time.
Suspension/Steering / Shock & strut availability
Did Tbirds & Cougars come with MotorCraft shocks/struts originally or something else? Are they still available and if not what is a good upgrade for a nice comfortable ride?
Miscellaneous For Sale/Wanted / B303 cam -
I have a B303 cam I purchased but sold the car I was going to use it in. Cam is new and in original box. Thought maybe someone here may be interested.
$245/shipped USPS with tracking. ( Lower U.S. only)
Audio & Other Aftermarket Electronics / Stock stereo question
I’m replacing the speakers in my 85 Tbird. I’m also adding a CD changer ( Alpine with remote), for that “ period correct look. I’m keeping the factory head unit ( no eq) . Can I add an amplifier to the factory unit? It’s been years since I have messed with audio equipment. I’m sure there is much better equipment but this car is all original and I would like it to appear that way while getting better sound. ( Hopefully that makes since and I didn’t ramble.)
Body/Appearance/Interior / Painting interior parts
Ok guys 2 questions…..
1- What is the exact color of my 85 Anniversary Tbird interior? Is it Lite Regatta blue ?
2- How do I go about re-painting the drivers side arm rest. The previous owner touched it up with a darker blue and I would like to get a closer match. What type of prep work etc is involved and is SEM paint the way to go?
Electrical Tech / 3G upgrade
I’m wanting to do a 3g upgrade on my 85 Tbird ( 5.0). My car has the full digital dash and I was curious if anything would be different in regards to doing this swap / upgrade?
Electrical Tech / Another EATC question
Having problems with my 85 Tbird. The air isn’t coming through the vents or defrost. I had to clean a lot of stuff from the blower motor since the car sat in the garage over winter. Is it possible more stuff/debris is in the  housing and how difficult is it to get to. I can’t run codes yet because I discovered my alternator needs replaced and can’t do that until next weekend. Also the blower motor is still very loud which usually means debris is still there, correct?
Body/Appearance/Interior / Under hood mat/insulation
Where can I find the under hood mat/insulation for a 85 T-bird. I see some on EBay but not sure of quality. Just curious if anyone on here had replaced them before . I could just delete it but I’m sure the paint underneath wobble that great.
Suspension/Steering / RLCA.
I’m wanting to purchase RLCA (adjustable) for my 85 Tbird. CHE are a little less cost. What are the difference between these and Maximum Motorsport design. ? Anyone here running these with good results?
T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars WANTED / 30th anniversary Tbird keys
I know this is a long shot. I’m trying to locate the original blank keys sold with the 1985 , 30th anniversary Tbirds. Not the actual ignition keys but the collectible blanks. I have the jacket but would like the keys to add to the collection. I’ve tried EBay and FB. No luck so far. Any leads would be appreciated.
T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars WANTED / Front tag mount
I’m looking for a factory style front tag mount for an 83-86 Tbird. Would like it to be in very good condition. Or if anyone has info of an aftermarket one that looks factory let me know
Thank you
Lounge / I may be returning sooner then I thought
Well I just sold my 87 Tbird a few weeks ago. While searching market place late a few nights ago( first mistake, lol) I stumbled across a 4 eye bird. (This one is kinda special....I will leave it at that for now)My first bird was a 4 eye and it was always the one I regretted selling. Anyway it’s a 3 owner, low mileage 85 with V8. I’m in talks with the guy now ( he’s elderly and doesn’t drive the car anymore) . I will update in a few weeks if all goes well with the deal.
Electrical Tech / No turn signals
Hey guys
 So I sold my Tbird to someone local and the turn signals are not working now. All other lights are working. I checked the fuse for him and no issues there. The brake lights and running lights operate as they should also. I replaced the ignition switch a few years ago with a MotorCraft unit. Any ideas? I tried the search function and it’s all over the place
Thanks in advance
Site Suggestions / Restoring pics in how to section
The information in the how to section is fantastic but the pics have been lost due to photo bucket. Can they be put back in as it would be a huge help when looking up info.