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General Fox T-Bird/Cougar Discussion / 1988 Build Sheet
Hello all,
Been away playing with my other cars.
However, I drove the 88 all summer as it was her 35th birthday.
I have been digging through paperwork looking for something when I came across my original build sheet.
Notice the circle, that's from the factory.
This was a very late June 1988 build I believe.
The car showed up with Leather interior and a non-leather steering wheel.
The salesman did not know the car had leather as it did not show on the window sticker.
I worked for Ford and I know that in parts shortages, we did upgrades, sending cars with things like nicer door panels and steering wheels.
Do you think "A'" stands for Leather or cloth in the seat section?
Or was this an upgrade ?1988 Mercury Cougar.jpg
Engine Tech / Re: Simple upgrades totally Changed the car
That sounds like the best answer.

The fun part is that the Pro who built this transmission, back in 1994, was scratching his head.

I was teasing him that the 30-year warranty was not up yet  :rollin:

Engine Tech / Simple upgrades totally Changed the car
There has to be some communication between the transmission and the throttle body sensor.
The car was having a high idle and when you drove it and let off the gas it acted as if the tranny was locked up.
Now, all gone !
Also gone was the unexplained cut out of the engine, when cold.

Screenshot 2023-02-15 173513.jpg

My 35th anniversary owning this car should be more enjoyable  :smile:

1988 cougar repair.jpg
User Rides / Re: Updates on the Red 88
Passed this project on to Brandon today.
I gave him a deal.
Nice to pass this on to a fellow 88 Mercury Cougar enthusiast.
Some of the interior parts on this car actually came from him.
He also has an 88 with parts on it that I had sold to that car's previous owner.
Good bye Old friend.
Engine Tech / Re: Help Please, Energy Drain
The "third wire" is from the S (Stator) alternator output to the S (Switch) input on the regulator.
This causes the regulator to Switch Off the Alt/Batt/Idiot light when the alternator has output.
Cars with an ammeter  don't use this wire.

That makes perfect sense as both these cars are 88 XR-7s with gauges and the parts car was a LS with the digital dash.

Thanks !
Engine Tech / Re: Help Please, Energy Drain
Think I answered my own question through google.

"What is the small wire on an alternator?
The small wire that loops from one part of the alternator to another is the sensing wire, responsible for determining the output of the alternator. It’s an important piece of the wiring system and makes sure the electrical systems and the engine itself operate correctly."
Engine Tech / Re: Help Please, Energy Drain
Thanks, I put a different Alternator on today.

I have many on my shelf, all worked well when they were removed but at least one has been there for 20 years.

We will see what happens tomorrow.

Now I have a new mystery.

The wire harness on my car has the 3rd wire disconnected between the two plugs.

My project car is the same.

This is a wire harness from a parts car with the 3rd wire connected.


Is this wire necessary ?

Engine Tech / Re: Help Please, Energy Drain
Had not had much time to work on this.

Today I had the car running and the alternator was incredibility hot.

That one was good when I put it on the shelf 10 years ago  :smile:

The wires to the alternator were hot too.

Next chance I get, I'll put on another Alt that I have and see the difference.