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Dropping CFI fuel tank

When the tank is full (or close to it) I get an odor of fuel in the garage after I take my Thunderbird out for a drive.  The car starts and runs great and I haven't seen any leaks or wet spots.  I'm wondering if I should check the condition of the gaskets and grommet on the fuel tank but all the instructions and tips I've seen are for later models with multiport fuel injection.  My car still has the factory CFI set-up so I'm hoping someone might be able to provide proper guidance on how to remove the fule tank from one of the earlier models.  My car is an '84 model with the original 5.0L CFI set-up.  Appreciate any help or tips!



Re: Dropping CFI fuel tank

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The later and earlier tanks have the same stuff you would check, filler neck gasket, fuel pump and sender gaskets and tank vent gasket.
Its just three bolts to get it down, one for the filler neck support(unless you want to undo the upper filler seal) and two for the tank straps to drop it. Just get the car up high enough to swing the tank straps out of the way. Lower it enough to reach in and disconnect the plugs for the pump/sender and vent valve.
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