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1985-88 Radio/Dash Panels WANTED

Looking for some needles in the proverbial haystack here...

Want to get a dash surround bezel/panel and matching radio/center stack panel for console car. What I really want are the 1987-88 XR7 style, with the butcher block pattern. I do not want woodgrain. The brushed aluminum style...not my first choice but I can consider them for the right deal.

This is for the convertible so these panels need to be show quality or near perfect with all bolt holes intact. (Well, as many as possible, I'm a realist LOL.)

XR7 instrument panel surround should be p/n E7WY-66044D70-C
XR7 radio panel surround should be p/n E5WY-66044D70-K, might be E7WY

Like I said, longshot but I'm taking that shot here. If you have something you think would work, please let me know. I'm not in a huge rush and would rather wait for the correct parts than throw something together. Thanks.

Re: 1985-88 Radio/Dash Panels WANTED

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Yeah that's not bad. I had those panels in my old '88 T-Bird Sport and liked them a lot. I'm just not sure if I want to go with brushed aluminum panels for the convertible. The XR7 panels are sooooo much rarer and that's what's enticing me LOL. Thanks!