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1984 Cougar 5.0 Liter 37K Miles

A gentleman down the road from me is selling a super clean 84 Cougar.  This car has the 5.0 liter engine with only 37,600 miles.  It has a two-tone black upper and gray lower finish with a gray cloth interior.  The finish looks practically new with no dents, dings or scratches.  The interior looks just as good; no fading, rips or tears.  This car was undercoated when purchased new and it shows; no rust anywhere.  I took some pics of the car but not sure how to post them here.  Owner's name is Larry and he's asking $6,300 for it.  Car is located near Milford, Ohio.  Call 513-426-1332 for details.

84 Cougar Pic 1.jpg
84 Cougar Pic 4.jpg
84 Cougar Pic 2.jpg

Re: 1984 Cougar 5.0 Liter 37K Miles

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Nice looking color combo!

Re: 1984 Cougar 5.0 Liter 37K Miles

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Sweet car! Although...there's something not quite right going on with it. That's got LS seats and door panels, but base (GS) dash panels, and no EL coach lamps or lower rocker trim.  It looks like something got swapped somewhere along the line.'s in great shape, hope he finds a worth buyer.

Re: 1984 Cougar 5.0 Liter 37K Miles

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I felt obliged to let the folks on this site know about it especially since it was just down the road from me.  Hopefully it finds a good home.