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Lounge / Re: Dirty Old Cars on History
Last post by EricCoolCats -
Yeah, the car was pretty bad. But like a lot of those shows, some things look totally staged.

It cleaned up pretty well though, despite the typical worn consolette armrest and driver's seat. Paint was okay, didn't look like it had any rust. I saw some paint imperfections but nothing major. Overall a decent car. Best part was how the woman's daughter (~12ish) was excited for it to be her car.
Lounge / Dirty Old Cars on History
Last post by EricCoolCats -
Anyone see this show? Found it on Hulu. In S1 E9, "Stinky Kitty", they clean up a 20th Anniversary Cougar that was sitting in a barn with the windows down and lots of barn cats.
Lounge / Re: Anyone still around?
Last post by trekinsane -
I'm here. first time ever posting anything, but the forums have always been a treasure trove of tech info and keeps inspiring ideas for continuing my Cougar journey. I know my girl is getting old, but I still keep plugging along. Doing some distributor recurving and maybe some new LT headers and AFR 165 heads this year maybe. The quest goes on!
T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars WANTED / Re: Looking for stock 5.0 EFI parts
Last post by Chuck W -
I basically just need the harness for the injectors.

This is getting connected to a MegaSquirt, which only has 2 injector banks. I'm going to adapt the injector harness into the old CFI harness that went to the TBI unit. Basically batched like the 85-87 trucks.

(I have all of the wiring diagrams, etc)

I haven't delved into it too much here, as it's an "other" project (The 85 LTS).

I have an OLD EECIV to MS adapter board that I'm using, to just tie the MS unit directly into the existing harness on the CFI 5.0 with a couple modifications on the engine side.