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Automotive News & Fuel/Energy debate/discussion / Holy Shnikees...New T/A!?
This week on, a possible 2011 Pontiac Trans Am reveal seemingly out of the blue:

Quote from: AutoExtremist
This concept - obviously based on the new Camaro and designed by David Byron of ASC Creative Services - was actually “on the table” for GM honchos to consider last summer when ASC was still intimately involved in a lot of advanced projects for the company. But the involvement (and money) dried up, and the idea of resurrecting the Firebird Trans Am was dead in the water. Until now.

If Pontiac is going to exist, then it needs this car. And the beauty of it is that at least initially the assembly of a Firebird Trans Am just like this would be a no-brainer, cost wise. We’re talking a new front fascia (including head lamps, grille inserts and fog lights); a hood with rear-facing shaker cold air intake (of course); a new rear fascia with specific tail lamps; a rear spoiler and dual exhausts; specific rocker panels with additional fender/skirt trim; specific color availability, custom alloy wheels and all the appropriate Pontiac, Firebird and Trans Am identification; and on the inside specific seats, steering wheel, I/P cluster, door insert trim and shifter. In other words, a no-brainer to put together.

And for the reveal...zOMG:

Past Cat Jam Threads / CJ09 Donations - REVISED
As you are painfully aware by now, the economy is having a major toll on everyone's finances. Charities are getting hit hard too. Since all CJ proceeds go to charity, I thought it would be prudent to help spread the wealth around a bit for 2009 so that we can bring a little light to even more people.

We are still going to continue giving to our regular charities:
- Angels for Animals
- Shriner's
- Sacred Heart Soup Kitchen

This year I would like to add the following organizations:
- Down Syndrome Association of the Valley
- Dachshund Rescue of North America

DSAV is local to me and is a wonderful organization to help families whose members have Down syndrome. Their big show in 2008--held in the same plaza as Cici's Pizza, about a month after our show--raised a whopping $60,000. They then gave $50K to our local libraries to buy books. I can more than likely arrange for a representative of DSAV to speak to us at the picnic on Saturday. Obviously whatever we donate to them is a drop in the bucket compared to what they raise on their own, but believe me, they will definitely appreciate it.

DRNA has representation here in Jerry (daminc) and his wife Sheila. They gave up their Saturday afternoon at CJ08 so that they could rescue a few dachshunds and bring them home to NY. It is that kind of dedication that really pulls in the true spirit of CJ. I believe that their efforts should not go unrewarded.

We will have to determine the amounts that each organization gets on Saturday afternoon, after all the monies have been collected. It may not be possible to give in the same amounts as last year, obviously, but we will donate as much as we can.

Also, I would like to ask everyone to bring at least one non-perishable item to CJ09. We can collect the food at the picnic on Saturday, then donate the food to the soup kitchen after the show. This would be in addition to the monetary donation. The soup kitchen can really use both, believe me.

As a personal note, I refuse to let the state of the economy have any bearing upon what I can give to those that need help. We know that it's tough for everyone, but now is the time to do MORE because of so many people that now have LESS. We have the ability and the opportunity to do more and so I think that we should. No, I EXPECT that we should.

If anyone has any objections to this plan, or would like to support it, please speak up now. Otherwise we're going to surge forward with this.

Thank you!
Countdown to Dan....3...2...1...and...
Automotive News & Fuel/Energy debate/discussion / 2010 Ford Transit Connect

OK, bear with me here...but this is just a ed good idea.

The more I read about this vehicle, the more the brilliance shines through. And it seems to be more than just on paper, since it has a proven track record over in Europe.

Since I bought an SUV a few years ago ...did I just type those words? Wow... the need to haul stuff hashiznit pretty close to home. I use the Mountaineer for everything and it has never, ever given me any indication that it can't handle what I throw at it.

So if the Transit is better at hauling things than the traditional van or SUV, and at an affordable price...this thing has to be a home run.

$21 grand. Can potentially stimulate business economy. Built specifically for businesses and fleets. Good gas mileage for its size. Decent interior and power specs. Fills a niche that nobody has filled yet. And it looks pretty good for what it is (at least, it's a hell of a lot better than those ed fugly Dodge Sprinter things).

Oh yeah...and it's going to be an electric vehicle, built on the same assembly line as the regular Transit, in 2010:

So imagine the possibilities. Who would buy these vehicles?
- Florists
- Food suppliers
- Fed Ex/UPS
- Taxi companies
- Limousine companies
- Airports
- Pizza parlors
- Contractors

...the list goes on. Now imagine New York City. Already they are using Escape hybrids. With the Transit Connect EV, AND the already existing infrastructure with the Crown Vic as taxi cabs and the Town Car as the limousine of choice, Ford will have a virtual lock on the Big Apple.

If that's not a huge poster for progress--taking back America's largest city with Detroit know-how--then people are just way too blind.

I long to see the Fiesta and its fuel economy here, but as far as real-world progress and utility, the Connect cannot be equaled.

LEADS on T-Bird/Cougar Stuff For Sale / NOS 14" Wheel Trim Rings
This guy must have a stash, because I bought some about 4-5 months ago from him and these have been listed several times since. The price is INCREDIBLE for NOS parts. Anyway, linky:

If you have the following rims, these will fit and are perfect for restoration:

- 1983-84 Cougar/T-Bird: 14" polycast road wheel, 12 multi-finned spokes (rubbery)
- 1985-88 Cougar/T-Bird: 14" polycast road wheel, 4 double spokes (rubbery)
- 1986-88 Cougar/T-Bird: 14" styled steel wheel (base Cougar, base T-Bird, standard on 1988 Thunderbird Sport)
- 1987-93 Mustang 14" road wheel (rubbery)

Happy bidding.
LEADS on T-Bird/Cougar Stuff For Sale / SMOKIN' 1987 XR7 with 24K Miles
OUCH. Someone needs to rescue this...

This vehicle is in excellent condition and has only 23,942 original miles on it.  The exterior paint is Metallic Gray, factory original and is flawless. There are no scratches, no dents, no dings.  The interior color is also Gray and is leather.  It still has that new car smell.  There was no smoking in the car.  There are no rips or tears any where on the interior.  There has been one previous owner.  It has an automatic transmission with a V8 engine that runs excellent.  There are power locks, windows, seats and mirrors.  In case the keys are locked in the car there is a combination lock on the doors.  It has an AM/FM radio/cassette player, A/C and new tires.
Miscellaneous For Sale/Wanted / 160GB Firewire External Drive
LaCie 160GB external drive (ATA), Firewire 400 (IEEE-1394a) connection for PC or Mac. Stylish F.A. Porsche design case. Makes a great backup drive or external music library holder. Two Firewire ports for easy chaining. Works perfectly! Comes with 6-foot Firewire cable and power supply. Original price over $150.

On Craigslist right now for $50. If you want it, $35 plus shipping.
E-mail me directly at eric AT coolcats DOT net or PM me here.
LEADS on T-Bird/Cougar Stuff For Sale / 1986 Cougar Convertible FS - NY

This is Dan Leoni's car...exceptionally clean, paint is gorgeous. Rare black/tan/tan combination. It is a V6 car and it will need a few parts which I can help with obtaining.

I sure hope somebody can snag it...this is a beautiful car...
Lounge / Sport Compact Car, Other Titles Axed By Source Interlink

We've been able to confirm that both Truck Trend and Sport Compact Car magazines, august titles from the the sprawling Source Interlink automedia empire, have been killed by their publisher. Word is up to 115 employees were notified yesterday that their services would no longer be required.

They thought "Sport Compact Car" was a service?

About 8 or 9 years ago, SCC did an article on the new FWD Cougar and of course I picked up the "magazine" because I collect Cougar articles from 1983-up.

From word one the article spewed its vitriol against anything RWD, claiming to pretend anything that drives its rear wheels "doesn't exist". They went into further diatribes that, frankly, got old quickly. But oh yes, they still had their h8r mantra to uphold!

Well, guess what YOU don't exist! And (gasp!) RWD is back too!

Don't let the door hit ya where the Good Lord split ya. Irony is such a bitch.

C ya.
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LEADS on T-Bird/Cougar Stuff For Sale / 1986 Cougar Convertible FS - Dayton, OH
Gotta move quick, estate auction is this weekend:



Can't really see much of the's white with a white top, not sure if that's a tan or a grey interior. No clue on engine. Looks to be in good shape though. If you go, good luck...