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Lounge / The Car Show
Anyone else catch it on Speed?

Much, MUCH better than Top Gear USA.
Events & Shows / Cougar Nationals 2011 - Bridgewater, NJ - Jul 15-17
Passing this along for CCNJPA:


Mercury Cougar Owners,

The 2011 Mercury Cougar Nationals are being held in Bridgewater, NJ on July 15-17.  The club is working to ensure that this show will be a memorable one for all. The show is open to all Mercury Cougars, with classes be defined for all years.

Read on for important registration dates and deadlines…

The deadline to guarantee your rate of $89 at the Bridgewater Marriott is fast approaching.  After June 16th, we cannot guarantee this low rate for show attendees so please register as soon as possible.  We spoke to the hotel and the rates could go as high as $150, depending on how full they are.  Details for the hotel are below.

As a reminder, it will benefit our planning if you can pre-register for the show and banquet.  Please use the form that is located at

Read below for details:

Hotel Reservations:
Reservations should be made under the Cougar Club of New Jersey/Pennsylvania. A block of rooms will be held for the show partints until June 16th, 2011. After this date, any un-reserved rooms will be made available to the general public and availability will not be guaranteed after this date. Rooms must be booked by June 16, 2011 receive the $89 per night rate. Contact the hotel directly at 800-228-9290 or 908-927-9300.
Rooms are available from Thursday July 14, 2011 through Sunday July 17, 2011

The Venue –  Once you park your car, it will not need to be moved all weekend.  The hotel is within walking distance to a number of Fine and Casual Dining and Fast Food  restaurants.  The Bridgewater Commons Mall and the Village at Bridgewater Commons offers upscale shopping and a Dine-In Movie Theater, also within walking distance.  The hotel has a state of the art Fitness Center and pool for your convenience

The Banquet – After an exciting day of Car Show Festivities, seeing old friends, and viewing the Cougars, please join us at the CCNJPA hosted Awards Banquet which includes a sit down 4 course meal, which includes:

Appetizer: Heirloom Tomato Stack, Fresh Mozzarella, Aged Balsamic and Basil Oil
Salad: Organic Mixed Greens wrapped inmolested Cuspoogeber, Plum Tomatoes, Toasted Pine Nuts, Feta Cheese, Red Wine Vinaigrette
Entrees: Roasted Breast of Chicken with Spinach and Toasted Orzo, Rosemary Jus
Pan Fried Gnocchi with Fresh Roma Tomatoes, Basil Garlic Olive Oilmolested and Fresh Mozzarella
Dessert: Vanilla Bean Cheesecake with Marinated Berries and Cream
Lounge / '97 Thunderbird Project on HORSEPOWER TV
Surprised no one commented on this...

1997 Thunderbird project car on Horsepower TV (Spike TV)

Watched it this weekend and it was...okay. Anyone else see it?

The T-Bird history part was glossed over rather hastily. Kinda peeved me that the Fox cars weren't given any due, particularly the Turbo Coupes, but not really much credit for the aero look or ushering in a new design that dominated the decade.

And Joe Elmore, for being a Ford guy, called the '97 a "Fox" when talking about the installation of subframe connectors. WTF is up with that.

Still, it's really nice to see one of our bretheren getting massaged for a 427. ;)
LEADS on T-Bird/Cougar Stuff For Sale / 1986 Cougar Convertible FS
Not mine...but close. Actually as close as you can get.

Cougar LS, V8, Canyon Red, Canyon Red leather interior, white top, heated back glass. Mileage unknown right now (see below). This car was built right before mine on the assembly line in Lorain in March of 1986.

It's been in storage for almost a decade. I did run across the current owner a few years ago and he had planned on keeping it for awhile. Well, it just hit the newspaper today. He may have tried to call me, as his number came up on my caller ID at home, but he left no message. Was probably wanting to tell me it was for sale.

Anyway, he's asking $5500 or best offer. If you're interested, PM me and I'll get you his contact info.

I'm calling him this week to get the scoop, the mileage, and maybe even go to see it (it's about 10 minutes from my house, Youngstown OH area). More updates and/or pix here as I get them.
General Fox T-Bird/Cougar Discussion / Prototype Parts & Photos
I've been going through some older Ford-related material and have found some evidence of prototype parts for our cars. I recalled the photos someone posted in another thread (here) of the clock being moved to the passenger side panel of the 1983 prototype model cars, and that reminded me to get off my backside and get some screenshots of other prototype parts that I've seen over the years.

The first one is a proposed lighter panel for the 1983s. Note the power mirror joystick in the lower left of the photo:

This may very well be a 1982 car used for the image...someone with a Box Fox would have to confirm that.