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Lounge / Attention All Those Up North
Canadians can finally enter the age of legal music downloads:

Only took 'em 1 1/2 years but hey, better late than never! Best news is, you pay $.99 Canadian per track...translated to roughly $.84 American. THAT is a hell of a deal, and the cheapest price per track of any iTunes Music Store in the world. If anyone here starts using it, please give your feedback.

BTW, all you'd need to do is download iTunes for your computer, then visit the store and download your songs. Using iTunes, burn the downloaded songs to a music CD, then you can trash or remove the protected dowloaded songs (AAC format). Then, put that burned CD back into your computer and rip the songs back into unprotected MP3 files for use however you wish (WMP, MP3 player, etc.). Yes, it's jumping through hoops a little, but that's the price you pay for legal downloads.

See that: us Yanks have some love for ya this week. First a visit from Bush, and now legal music downloads! ;)
Lounge / Hello Children...Please Step Inside
Consider this your first 'time out' of the board.

Keep the political and/or religious stuff out of here. It has no place. Carm and I let it go for the election but it obviously got out of hand. Well, election's over...some are happy, some are not. Life goes on. Cars need attention so start talking about them again. Mmmkay?

Class dismissed.
Miscellaneous For Sale/Wanted / '86 Xr7 Fs
Check this out here.

I've seen this car at local shows...has a custom interior and trunk that's pretty smooth. Everything in this car is geared toward SPL competition. There are compartments everywhere (factory and custom) stuffed with speakers, controllers, EQ's, etc. One of the former owners even told me that the trunk is lined with 1" thick cement for a better hit. Keep in mind it's a turbo-4 XR7...with cement in the trunk and hundreds of pounds of stereo equipment. I'm thinking it's not going to be very bloody fast. But I can vouch for its clean installation, custom panels and great workmanship.
Lounge / Food for Thought
It's very possible that right now, as you read this, Ford is working on a new Cougar prototype, based on the '05 Mustang, to be unveiled at an auto show early next year (Detroit? L.A.? Chicago?).

It's also very possible that TLC is filming the progress, just as the did for the GT and Mustang, for a future edition of "Rides".

Could just happen. Ya never know.
Lounge / Layout, Colors, Fonts, etc.
OK, I think I have the appropriately dismal colors back. :) Been thinking about maybe upgrading the buttons and stuff later on.

Does anyone have suggestions or comments as to the layout colors, font colors, font face, etc.? We went through this a few years ago with the old board, and EZ was not really as flexible with making changes, just basic stuff really, so I did the best I could. Here we can do just about anything. Would anyone object to, say, a dark colored layout with lighter colored text? Or do you like the grey/blue scheme?

Basically I just want to get a feel for what YOU'D like to see when viewing the board. Keep in mind that not everyone will share your opinion. But I feel if enough people are saying the same thing, we should act upon it. Right now this board is barely removed from the stock configuration, so it looks like every other VBulletin board (coughcoughcougarnutscoughcough). And you know how much we hate to have things stock. ;) If you want one of us chief mechanics to tinker under the hood, so to speak, let us know here.