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Miscellaneous For Sale/Wanted / Misc. Computer Related Parts FS
Hey all, wanted to give the board peeps first shot at these items before posting locally.
All items work great and are in great shape with original box and instructions, except where noted.
Shipping from 44471 (Northeast Ohio).
PM if interested!


Other World Computing Mercury Elite AL Pro External Drive

Mac or PC
Machined extruded aluminum case

Firewire 400, Firewire 800 & USB 2.0 connections
Comes with 220 GB SATA hard drive, Firewire 800 cable, power connector, pro restore software
Cost $70 new
PRICE: $30 +shipping

Other World Computing Mercury Elite Aluminum Pro External Drive
Mac or PC
Machined extruded aluminum case

FireWire 400, Firewire 800, USB 2.0 and eSATA connections
Bare case only; add your own SATA hard drive
Comes with Firewire 800 cable, power connector
Cost $70 new
PRICE: $40 +shipping

Kensington Bluetooth Mouse
Great shape, no wear or tear. It is a little on the large side -- not wimpy, feels great in the hand, has comfort rubber grips. Two buttons plus a scroll wheel. Works GREAT! Comes with original packaging and Kensington software. Requires 2 AA batteries (not included). For PC or Mac.
Cost $50+ new
PRICE: $20 +shipping

Apple Bluetooth Keyboard
Works on PC or Mac
This is the original first-generation Apple Bluetooth wireless keyboard with full extended number keypad. Works GREAT! No wear or tear, great shape, in like-new condition. Comes with original packaging and software. Requires 4 AA batteries (not included). A1016
Cost $100 new
PRICE: $25 +shipping

Samsung SyncMaster 226BW LCD (TFT) External Monitor
22", 1680 x 1050 resolution
2ms response time, 75 Hz refresh rate, 16:10 aspect ratio
VGA and DVI connections
Works perfectly, rarely used, excellent condition
Cost $200+ new
PRICE: $50  +shipping

SIIG Ultra ATA 133/100 Pro PCI Card
For Apple Power Mac G3 (blue and white) and early G4 models ONLY
This PCI card will allow older Apple G4 Mac models to bypass the built-in 128GB hard drive hardware limitation. Also a great way to add multiple large-capacity ATA drives to the inside of your G4! Never used, includes instructions and cables inside original packaging. THIS CARD IS FOR APPLE COMPUTERS ONLY.
Cost $60 new
PRICE: $10 +shipping

Apple iBook G3 12" Dual USB Model
This 12" iBook G3 has been upgraded from stock as far as it can go (max RAM, upgraded to SuperDrive, larger hard drive, etc). Everything is in working order and it operates like new! It's in good shape--no wear on the keys, palm rest area, trackpad, etc. NEVER DROPPED OR ABUSED. Screen is in great shape, no dead pixels, no burn-in, bright illumination. Great lightweight second computer for Web surfing, e-mail, etc.
700 MHz processor
640 MB RAM
Upgraded slot-loading Superdrive (CD-R, DVD-R, etc.)
80 GB hard drive (stock was 20GB!)
Airport card (802.11b)
Dual USB ports
Firewire 400 port
Built-in modem
Ethernet port
Built-in stereo speakers
Power adapter
OS X v10.4.11 (fresh install)
***No original box***

PRICE: $100 +shipping

Lounge / The Hat Trick
1 NOS leather wrapped steering wheel, Academy Blue, with cruise control and NOS horn center
1 NOS Academy Blue console lid
1 NOS dark blue dash pad

The three highest-wear interior items, all correct, in boxes, and ready to go. Finally got the last piece yesterday after looking for about 7 years.

The sum? About $700.
I paid less than that for the whole car. ;)

Now if I could only find that elusive NOS heater panel...
Lounge / The Album That Changed You
As the long-form LP format slowly dies, those of us that have been around for awhile (and may even remember AOR format on the radio) have fond memories of the album as a whole, rather than a bunch of singles put together.

So...what album(s) changed you? Good or bad. Any decade. Any genre.
Remember: ALBUM, as in "the entire thing", not just for the singles. Concept albums welcome.
Lounge / A Lil' Love For Us
Via the Chicago Tribune:

Where have all the 80s gone?
When the Detroit Three tried to think small to meet mileage regulations, the results were mostly forgettable,0,4919392.story?page=1

"So the 1980s was, on the whole, a ghastly time to buy a new American car. They sucspoogebed to rust and bad solid-state electronics; they were miserably built, wretched to drive and barely passed emissions when new. To be fair, 20-30 years have passed, so the good ones — and there were some — went 150,000 miles and were sped, a number in the "cash for clunkers" program.

It seems unlikely that people will ever collect 1980s American cars, short of a National Auto Losers Museum, but there are few left anyway."

Endangered species

1983-88 Thunderbird/Mercury Cougar

Rather handsome aero T-bird was a huge improvement over its boxy forerunner, and sold well, but almost all are gone now — a combination of flimsy construction, time and miles. Nice ones are worth a look, especially turbo models and the oddly-formal Cougar. $750-$1,500.

Collectibility grade: C

Nothing got a real decent grade in this article but golly...we were mentioned on purpose! Nice to see some recognition anyhow.
General Fox T-Bird/Cougar Discussion / Putting Money Where My Mouth Is
Over the past couple of years there have been a few, sporadic cases of NOS steering wheels for our cars popping up on eBay. In my experience, steering wheels are typically one of the costliest restorations you can do on a car--any car, not just ours (it's just not typical for ours). So to find one NOS, in your color, correct for your car...that's just plain uncommon these days, and it saves the hassle of trying to restore yours.

Naturally, a few of people have made comments about the money involved buying a NOS steering wheel. I retorted--consistently--that $200-300 US is actually a good price for one.

Well...I followed my own advice recently:

Now the proud owner of a 1984 A-frame wheel in Academy Blue, leather wrapped, with cruise control. Still has the clear plastic on the wheel. And I bought the correct NOS center section for it a few years ago. Total for both: $260 US.

That's the price you can expect to pay if you're going to restore. I've yet to find wheels that sell for under $200, but anything is possible.

I guess if you spend $300 for an entire car, and then see the price of NOS steering wheels, that's quite the sticker shock. LOL

But for those restoring, I think you'll agree that I paid a fair price.

Just wanted to share, that's all.
Lounge / All New COOL CATS Site
In case you haven't seen it yet, COOL CATS is all new from the ground up:

(After nine months of labor I finally gave birth yesterday LOL.)

Comments, feedback, site issues...all appreciated. Thanks.