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Electrical Tech / Re: Digital temperature gauge correlation to actual temps
If these senders are resistance based you can use the gauge fix thing you splice inline i mentioned in my fuel sender thread(Tanks MeterMatch but there are others) to make the gauge read at any level you want, provided you know the values for each bar in relation to the temp so you dont blow your headgasket.
Have you ever checked the engine ground strap?
General Computer Forum / Long Term File Hosting Recommendations
Not sure if this the right place to ask but here goes anyway.
Does anybody have any recommendations for long term file hosting?
I have a few foxbody service related materials scanned up and i wanted to make them available to others that may need it but its been well over a decade since i even had to think about file hosting.
Engine Tech / Re: Misfire - '88 TC
If it is it aint that big of a deal to replace it like people make it out to be, pulling the distributor and reinstalling it was harder than rebuilding it for me.
User Rides / Re: 1983 Ford Thunderbird Heritage
Drove the tbird around for the last two days since my daily is broke and i needed to put more miles on that fuel sender and all i can say is wow, the headlights just dont light up anything on the road in the rain. The stuff they used to paint the lines with lasted years and was still visible in the rain with standard halogens but man this newer stuff is faded after months and is invisible in the rain.
Had to pic up some new wipers right away and the intermitten wipers just kept stopping randomly on the windshield untill i ran the normal speed for awhile. Probably havent been used for decades so im just glad they even work.
I put it back in the garage again, maybe next weekend ill drag it back out, but while i was there i finally got to use those h4 headlight replacements i bought like a year ago but threw some cheap leds in.

I hate the color, hope they wont blind people but they probably will. Well see.
User Rides / Re: 1983 Ford Thunderbird Heritage
Stopped by the garage today before i went to work, actually a few days ago also to take it out, to replace the alternator.
Easy enough job with just a 7/16, 9/16, 5/8 sockets and 15mm wrench and 5/16 socket for the tensioner.

Pulled the old one out and took a pic so i can remember where the wires go.

Inspecting the alternator charging harness, wires looks good no hot spots or corrosion on the connectors. A real shame that these connectors are not reproduced by anybody.

Old and new(nos rebuilt actually). I had to drag it to work yesterday to remove the pulley since i cant find my impact anywhere.

And new one ready to go in.

The old one has alot of forward/back play in it, definately enough to make the belt jump. Rebuildable so im going to drag it to work and take it apart and see where the play came from.
Lounge / Re: Winter Projects?
I looked but couldn't find 'em. Fairly sure I had some out there. Doubt they'd get swiped when there's much more valuable wheels and other stuff LOL.

I have some stuff at the other is possible they're there.

Regards to your question...I don't know until I see em. I CAn tell you though, they're the real deal from way back in the day, not the new ones made now by LMR or whatnot.

I'll do a little digging around this weekend, see if I can come up with something for ya.

I DO have a really nice set of ten holes with tires that I have no need for...

Dont worry about it, im not in any rush for this. Im still trying to put money aside for the tires since that is going to run around 2000 bucks itself.
The only other rims i was considering are the phone dials since i like them.

Since its snowing now and im not really working on the car or driving in it my winter plans are to scan some of the ford and tbird literature i have piled up for whoever it might help or might be interested in it.
Engine Tech / Re: Motor mounts
I think he is actually just asking if the originals were solid or hydraulic, which im guessing means he doesnt still have the originals handy.
I dont know about the 2.3l ones but my 3.8 v6 originals were hydraulic.
If the isolators are all the same i would just pick up the hydraulic ones since they are available.
Engine Tech / Re: Motor mounts
Wasnt 86 the transition year for motor mounts, from the block type to the pedestal ones?
I dont know about the 2.3 ones but my original mounts on my 3.8 v6 86 tbird were the hydraulic pedestal type. When i replaced them with the only available replacement, solid type, the motor shook and the car vibrated thru the steering wheel for months afterwards.
Site Suggestions / Re: Image attachments?
I just use imgbb for hosting since imageshack is gone.
Even though many forums offer hosting for images id rather not since the size of attachments can easily be exceeded by even the smallest of phone pics now.