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User Rides / Re: Work In Progress. '88 TC
You could do a quick drain/fill on the PS stuff. It wouldn't hurt. Remove what you can from the reservoir by sucking it out or draining it out the bottom (return fitting) and refill with fresh. A couple times of that and running it a bit can clean it up.

If you wanted to refresh it all., it's not too terrible to do, especially if you already have the return hose off.

Remove the drain hose from the reservoir and put it into a catch container (cap the nipple on the reservoir when you remove the hose). Disconnect the coil wire and cycle the engine with the starter a couple of times. Top off the fluid. Repeat until you see clean fluid going into your catch container.
The fluid pumps out pretty quickly, so no need to crank it too much. You don't want to run the pump dry and draw in air.

Just an idea.
User Rides / Re: Back in a fox. 1988 Turbo Coupe. The life journal.
Glad to see you back around here.

That is a bunch of $$ in RC gear! We have a few of the Tamiya kits between me and the boys. Nothing like the array you have,
Me being the dork I am like the Tamiya stuff, because I like to build the kits,

What does the SN95 steering components have over the original TC equipment?  Won't that steering rack have a wider ratio than the TC & Cobra racks?

This pretty much explains the SN-95 vs Fox rack stuff (STEERING RACKS

I have an SN-95 rack going in the wagon and will probably swap the one on the TBird out eventually. They downside is the cost of a good conversion steering shaft.

Engine Tech / Re: Misfire - '88 TC
Look down at the aux gear as well, just to verify.

Mine would drop cyl #3 at idle, but then come back when engine speed came up.
Engine Tech / Re: Misfire - '88 TC
Check your distributor/aux shaft gears.

I had a set worn enough to cause a misfire at different engine speeds.

User Rides / Re: Chuck's '83 TBird
RockAuto to the rescue.

New starter installed today. Just in time for it to rain for a couple of days.

Events & Shows / Re: Motor City FoxFest 2024 - Detroit - July 13th
Love to go, probably won't be able to though. Too much to do and never enough time.

That's where I am, pretty much. WAAAAY too much to do, but felt like at least checking it out for a quick couple days away.

Mainly interested in the swap meet, as I could use a few deals for the '86 wagon project.

Taking the LTS instead of the TBird, mainly because it's perhaps the only one in the US...that and it has working AC.  :toothless:
User Rides / Re: Chuck's '83 TBird
Well, the starter performed its final act of defiance this morning and gave up completely.

One more thing to fix. :beatyoass:
User Rides / Re: Chuck's '83 TBird
Got the tire rods installed over the weekend and finally got the wheels/tires reinstalled.

One small issue with the tire install. I thought I had pulled off all of the old weights before taking them to be done, but I hadn't. The guy doing the work also missed the extra weights and balanced the set-up with them installed.
I found the mess up when I got home and noticed the excessive amount of new weights. Then I noticed the 8  1/4oz weights on the opposite side. Ope.

Took that one back to have it redone.

Checked the alignment and we should be good to go.

Of course, as if on queue, the starter is beginning to act up. It'll sometimes not engage when the key is turned. Need to verify whether it's the starter or the solenoid,
User Rides / Re: Chuck's '83 TBird
Looks like this thing needs tie rods too.

I was sticking a couple of the wheels back on and noticed that both inner tie rods had some play.

User Rides / Re: Chuck's '83 TBird
Got the new tires in the other day and was able to get them swapped out today. Went with the Falkens I mentioned above, in a 245/45.

A couple of pics of the rear suspension, as the lighting is better, not being in the garage.

Old tires are old.

Wheels cleaned up and ready to reinstall when I get another free moment this week.
User Rides / Re: Chuck's '83 TBird
I don't put a ton of miles on the car, but I also have 3 other cars that can drive on any given day. Still, with the car choices and riding my bike to work 1-2 days a week, none of my cars get a bunch of miles put on them.
With the interior built back out, and the car is now usable to haul kiddos around, it'll be driven more.

Right now, I'm not inclined to pay a bunch of money on tires, so I'm probably going to use a set of the Falken Ziex 950's on it. I've used them on several vehicles. While I have no plans for snow/rain driving in this thing, it'll get driven in the cold if things are dry, and I have no need for another "summer" tire. 
Aside from the truck and her old Beetle, everything we drive gets performance all-seasons (V+ speed rating), as I hate squirmy tires.
User Rides / Re: Chuck's '83 TBird
The drive on Monday went well. The transmission was quiet and smooth. The clutch didn't give any issues in the slow traffic back across town to pick the kiddos up from school after work.

Now to buy some tires...